The Batman, Ghost Rider, Smallville, Superman Returns: August 26th Comic Reel Wrap


They're quashing those rumors over at Toon Zone, which has a comment from a Warner Brothers representative saying that the show is in no danger of being cancelled. " The show is presently wrapping up post-production on its current 39 episode order and is looking forward to a new pick-up order later this year of at least 13 episodes. Thirteen additional episodes will bring the show's tally up to 52, making it eligible for syndication. According to Warner Bros. Animation, there is no reason for any fans of the show to worry."

In other Gotham related, news, Comics Continuum is reporting that Darkstorm/Astounding Comics publisher Kevin Grevioux, who also co-wrote and associate produced "Underworld," will be providing the voice of Solomon Grundy in this weekend's episode of the hit Kids WB series.


The same page at Comics Continuum gets an update from producer Gary Foster on the CGI work being done to bring the Spirit of Vengeance to life. We have seen the first iteration on Ghosty himself and the result was very exciting," Foster said. "SPI (Sony Pictures Imageworks) and Kevin Mack are doing a great job." They have yet to decide on a composer to score the film.


Our pal Craig over at Krptonsite has a spoiler-riffic new photo from the season premiere, "Arrival."


Jumping ahead in the life of the Man of Steel, the Australian edition of Encore Magazine (subscription required) reports that the production is taking a five-week hiatus from shooting in Sydney, which should give Australian spies a nice rest before the final push of filming.


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