The Batman, Fantastic Four, Tonight He Comes, Son of the Mask: February 17th Comic Reel Wrap


Comics Continuum is reporting that the animated series will return to the Kids WB with a second season that will include Batgirl. The network description follows: "In this captivating second season, The Batman will face a little competition to protect the citizens of Gotham from a teenaged girl -- Batgirl. She has just flown into town to do her part in keeping the streets safe from the most dangerous and occasionally hysterical super villains out there. Is there enough room in Gotham for two Caped Crusaders?" "The Batman" will air on Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. and will also air weekdays at 4:30 p.m.


The international trailer is now online at Comingsoon.net in Flash format.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, box office gold mine Will Smith is developing a super hero drama based on a script written six years ago by Vincent Ngo.


Dark Horizons has an interview with actor Jamie Kennedy about his role as a "straight man" in the sequel to the Dark Horse adaptation, and about stepping out of Jim Carrey's shadow.


Image Creative Partnership has revealed that they are working on the Nicolas Cage vehicle. "We have just begun work on 'Ghost Rider' for Marvel, shooting out of Melbourne and starring Nic Cage. It's great to be working with Mark Steven Johnson ('Daredevil'), Bennett Walsh and even better to be back collaborating with Makeup Designer Lesley Vanderwalt, who we last worked with on season 1 of 'Farscape,' but whose credit list is too long to mention."


Ain't It Cool News has some quotes from veteran actor Patrick Stewart, who's blabbing about his talks with director Bryan Singer on rediscovering Clark Kent. "Bryan went on to tell me that in 4 weeks they'll be full steam ahead shooting out on the Kent homestead, which they built in studio, then hauled out to location -- where there are apparently all manners of poisonous snakes. Eve Marie Saint is apparently a real trooper. They have indeed cast Noell Niel in the film! Who? You heathen! The original Lois Lane from the old George Reeves 'SUPERMAN' tv show! Apparently she plays a cool ol lady that Lex Luthor swindles out of her fortune (at least that's kinda how it was explained to me.) Also -- they have a dog... actually an adorable white puppy they're calling KRYPTO ... and I have it on good authority that Krypto left a deposit of dangerous Kryptosh*t, Red Kryptosh*t on the carpet of Bryan Singer's office the other day. Anyway -- I don't believe lil Krypto is in the movie, just a set pup. Bryan seems to be in great cheer -- and it looks like he's full steam ahead."


Speaking of Patrick Stewart, you can swing over to the BBC's Live Five to listen to the actor being interviewed (RealPlayer only), talking about getting back into the wheelchair. "They are holding to their release date for the film," Stewart said, "which will be summer of 2006. So, we gotta start shooting quite soon, because films like 'X-Men' are as complicated in their post-production as they are during production." He added, "a script is almost finished and I expect to have it in my hands any day now. I've been given an idea of the storyline." They aim to start production on "X-Men 3" in June or July of this year.


The dueling websites are at it again, with Kryptonsite posting an image gallery from the upcoming episode "Lucy" and Devoted to Smallville posting screen captures from next week's episode "Sacred," as well as detailed spoilers about the season's 19th episode called simply "Blank."


Finally, the aforementioned page at Comics Continuum has the scoop on the new animated series about the Dog of Steel. The network description says, "Krypto was traveling in space as a test-pilot puppy aboard a rocket ship built by Superman's father when it malfunctioned.  Landing on unfamiliar territory, the planet Earth, the fully grown Krypto swiftly seeks out companionship and flips over Kevin Whitney, a young boy who also longs for friendship. Endowed with an amazing array of superhero powers, Krypto partners with best pal, Kevin to fight evil forces that threaten the safety and well being of the people and animals of Metropolis.  The two new friends waste no time setting up their secret hideout, the Fortress of Doggietude, Krypto's alien spaceship buried in Kevin's backyard. Chasing his tail at super speeds transforms Krypto from a normal dog into Superdog, a dog who can fly, with super strength, super hearing and X-ray vision.  Like other superheroes, Krypto cannot save the day alone. He is joined by a crack team of animal crime-fighters: Squeaky, the pampered cat next door and reluctant hero; Batman's dog, Bat Hound, who has a tool belt to match that of his famous owner; and The Dog Star Patrol, a band of intergalactic dogs from all corners of space who joined forces to protect the universe." Allegedly, Superman will appear in the series and no, we're not making any of this up.


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