The Batman, Fantastic Four 2, Smallville, Iron Man: October 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


There's a note at Comics Continuum saying that "Smallville" actress Allison Mack will provide the voice of a character named Clea on an upcoming episode of the animated series that also features Brandon Routh as The Everywhere Man. The air date for this episode has not been released.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, actress Beau Garrett has been cast as Frankie Raye, a scientist and love interest for Chris Evans' Johnny Storm. Shooting is under way in Vancouver.


Kryptonsite is featuring new promotional images from the show, including three posters centering on would-be romantic triangles amongst the characters (with Clark playing a role in all of them) and images including a never-before-seen photo of the Emerald Archer in costume.


CanMag is spreading a new rumor that "X-Men 3" actress Famke Janssen has been cast as a love interest for Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark.


The official website has been updated with a contest that gives fans a chance to have voice actor Peter Cullen speak a line of dialogue submitted by the fan in the film. There's also some new set photos from the Michael Bay production, and an article in the Detroit Free Press has an article about shutting down streets in the Motor City (thanks to Joe Groesbeck for pointing that out).


Moviefone has a first look at the new one-sheet for the Nicolas Cage vehicle, and promises a new trailer on Wednesday afternoon.


Last night, director Christopher Nolan held a special event at Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre and a Q&A session revealed details about the next trip to Gotham City, and IGN's FilmForce has the skinny. "I haven't finished the script yet. I'm supposed to be doing it right now," Nolan said. "It's a pretty direct continuation of where the last film left off, and the last scene of 'Batman Begins' suggests a strong direction we wanted to take the story in. It absolutely carries on with a lot of the thematic concerns and hopefully takes it someplace new." When asked if District Attorney Harvey Dent would be in the sequel, Nolan responded, "I don't want to go into too many specifics. Yes, he is," but that he hadn't been cast.


Speaking of IGN's FilmForce, they have some quotes from actress Kirsten Dunst, who talked about progress on the film. "We're done," Dunst said. "I have some more blue-screen things to do. There's always additional special effects things that are tweaked, but I have a little bit more to do in November. I think it's going to be a real huge [movie] -- just so many characters and villains and everything. It's a lot. I think I'm going to be surprised when I see the movie." When asked if she could see being Mary Jane again, Dunst said, "I wouldn't do it without Sam [Raimi]. He's the heart of the films."

Meanwhile, the Santa Maria Times notes that Cafe FX has taken on some of the special effects work for the film.


IGN FilmForce is busy today, they also mentioned that the franchise-melding sequel wants to get meaner and leaner. "I think the approach this time is going to be very hardcore," said Fox chairman Tom Rothman. "Very R rated. We believe that, this pass on 'AVP' with these filmmakers [the Strause brothers] is going to be a lot closer to the hardcore experience."


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