The Batman: Ben Affleck's DCEU Future Has Been Decided

After countless rumors regarding Ben Affleck's status as Batman, it's official; the actor will not be starring in the forthcoming solo film titled The Batman.

The reason for the actor's ousting is said to be because the film will opt to focus on a younger Bruce Wayne.

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Rumors that DC and Warner Bros. wanted to cast a younger actor in the titular role have been circulating for some time, with some outlets claiming on-the-rise actor Jack O'Connell was being considered for the role. While it remains to be seen who goes on to don the mask after Affleck, the actor seems ready to see someone else take on the iconic character. Following the news, Affleck, who rarely tweets, used the social media platform to share his excitement over getting to finally see the film come to fruition.

Reeves, who has been very open with fans throughout the writing process, officially boarded the project nearly two years ago after Affleck stepped down from directing duties. Since then, Reeves has been hard at work developing the project, which many presumed would see him handpick a new Batman. According to reports, the studio is "very happy" with Reeves' latest draft, which he is said to have been slightly tweaking over the past few months ahead of meeting potential actors for the role.

While little is known regarding the film, including just how young of a Bruce the studio is envisioning, it is being reported that the film will not be based on Frank Miller's Batman: Year One.

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The Batman, written and directed by Matt Reeves, is set to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.

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