The Avengers vs. The Z-Fighters: Who Would Win?

It's east vs. west in today's battle of the teams. In the left corner is America's most popular group of Super-Heroes in the Avengers. They defended the cosmos against Gods, Advanced Robotic AI, and a being who destroyed the universe with the snap of his fingers. On the other side are the mightiest people in the 7th Universe, the Z-Fighters. They fought against Alien Tyrants, Gods of Destructions and demonic creatures that have destroyed the earth in seconds. We'll be deciding who is the best based on Powers, Team Members, the ability to work together and much more. With that said, let's get this fight started.

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8 Raw Strength: Z-Fighters

Let's get the most straightforward fight out of the way. On the one hand, The Avengers are no pushovers in terms of pure strength. The Hulk has foughten against beings like Giant Wolves, Satanic Fire Demons, and can Lift the City of New York. Meanwhile, Iron Man had to endure a Moon coming down him, Captain Marvel has taken down an Armada of Ships all on her own, and Thor is the Literal God of Thunder, with all the power that comes with it.

However, when you're coming up against Guys who have trained in 400x earth's normal gravity, Lift 40 tons of weights, pull off a million push-ups in less than 3 minutes, and have been taught by gods, it doesn't matter how many moons that get flung at you. The Z-Fighters win this round with ease.

7 Teamwork: The Avengers

Though the individual members of the Z-Fighters could take on a few members at a time, the ability for them to work together is hard to imagine. While folks like Krillin and 18, as well as Gohan and Piccolo, have shown to work as a team, Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta would rather fight by themselves. Sure, the latter two are the Z-Fighter's strongest members, but strength and skill in fighting won't win a battle.

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The Avengers, despite their differences, have been able to work together with one another regardless of who they're with. For example: in the opening to Age of Ultron and their battle in NY has the group watching each other's backs, helping themselves in a tight squeeze, and combining each other's abilities.

6 Line-Up: Tie

When it comes to a team, you got to look at who's fighting with each other. Let's take a look at the main line-up who's appeared in Dragon Ball Super and the MCU. The Z-Fighters have Goku, the Saiyan warrior that's a martial arts expert and Dragon Ball's mightiest warrior. Following next to him includes Vegeta, DB's second strongest and the Prince of all Saiyans, Goku's son Gohan, the Namekian Piccolo, Androids 17 and 18, the powerful and regenerative Majin Buu, The Three-eyed Martial Artist Tien, Goku's BFF Krillin, and his Master Roshi.

Meanwhile, the Avengers have their leader, the Super Soldier Captain America, the Tech Genius egotist Iron Man, the God of Thunder Thor, Marksman Hawkeye, the Spy Black Widow, Bruce Banner aka The Hulk, as well as their own Android, Vision, The Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange, The mighty Captain Marvel, The size-shifting Ant-Man and the Wasp, and so on. All these teams have dozens of team players with the strengths they bring to the table.

5 Villains: Tie

No great team is not without villains to face off against, and each Team has some great villains. The Z-Fighters have gone up against Frieza, the charismatic tyrant who has destroyed nearly every Saiyan with just one energy ball. Following him, there's the egotistical Cell, who's has the knowledge and abilities of earth's mightiest warriors, the psychotic Kid Buu who destroyed the planet in minutes and the machiavellian Zamasu.

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The Avengers, while they each have their own unique villains, have gone up against the likes of the God of Mischief Loki, the Advanced AI Ultron, the Time Traveler from the 33rd Century, Kang the Conqueror, and the Mad Titan Thanos. It was tough to figure out which side had better villains. On the one hand, The Avengers's group of villains are much more complex. Thanos wants to destroy half the universe, but He does it out of the belief that doing so will save it. Kang wishes to conquer the world because he wishes to save his wife, and Loki wants to obtain the throne of Asgard because he feels he was a better fit than Thor. However, what characters like Frieza and Cell lack in complexity they make up for personality.

Tough call, but we're going to make this one another tie.

4 Scraps with Death: Avengers

There's no such thing as death for a Super Hero, and boy have both the Z-Fighters and Avengers dealt with Death in their own ways. In the DBZ world, if someone is killed, all one needs to do is collect the Dragon Balls, and wish them back to life. While a person couldn't be resurrected again, that rule has been removed when Dende became Earth's Guardian. The Avengers, meanwhile, have had scraped continuously with death, only to never really die. Be it Captain America being shot in the gut by a sniper rifle, to Spider-Man being trapped in the dying body of Doc Ock; no one dies in American Super Hero Comics. They've come back from just about everything, be it because of some Alien technology or they've pushed the bad guy's mind out their bodies. American Super Heroes are practically unkillable, so we've got to give this one to team Avengers.

3 Supporting Cast: Avengers

What helps make a good team is the people they're around, and both sides have made a lot of friends. The Z-Fighters have met plenty of pals that have helped on their way. Bulma has been able to create numerous devices to help Goku and the Gang out, King Kai trained Goku and his pals and has a vast knowledge of the Northern Cosmos. While these two have proven to overpower Goku and gang, they mostly stick to the sidelines for comedy relief.

The Avengers have a plethora of people that aid them in their times of need. While each character has his/her supporting cast, they've also had other teams of Super Heroes on their side. The Fantastic Four, for instance, has aided the team on numerous occasions with their scientific knowledge and unique abilities.  The X-Men are humans with gifted powers that have helped humanity time and time again.

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While it was a hard decision, we've given this round to the Avengers.

2 Abilities: Z-Fighter

What's a Super Hero without Super Powers? Okay, Hawkeye and Black Widow don't' have any powers, but the rest of the team have plenty. Iron Man and War Machine have their numerous Armors that can endure just about anything and dish out some damage with lasers and missiles. Thor has Super Strength and the ability to use Lightning. Then there's Dr. Strange's Magic, Ant-Man and Wasps size changing, Captain Marvel's energy attacks, and Spider-Man's Spider Abilities. While these abilities are incredible, the others are not so much. Most, like Captain America and Black Panther, are mostly have advanced strength and acrobatics, which isn't useful against being that all have Super Strength.

The Z-Fighters, on the other hand, mostly have a lot of the same abilities, which include flying and launching powerful energy attacks. Some do have their own unique skills, like 17's Barriers and Goku's Instant Transmission, most are just different plays on the same energy attacks. However, what these powers lack in diversity, they more than make up for in strength. Along with these attacks, Saiyans can multiply their strength with the Super Saiyan transformations.

While Thor's Lightning, Captain Marvel's energy, Dr. Strange's Magic and Iron Man's Arsenal will leave damage, they don't compare to an all-powerful Kamehameha.

1 Winner: Avengers

It was a close fight, but we had to give this battle to the Avengers. The Z-Fighters might have them beat in terms of raw power; The Avengers manage to have both brains and brawn, as well as a much more interesting supporting cast of characters and the ability to work together. But, despite our choice, do keep in mind the words of the late Stan Lee: "The person who would win a fight is the person who the scriptwriter wants to win... These are Fictitious Characters. The Writer can do whatever he wants with them."

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