The Avengers, The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games: March 9th Comic Reel


While on a press run for his film "The Cabin in The Woods," director Joss Whedon spoke with Empire Magazine about scoring "The Avengers" with composer Alan Silvestri and the merits of various Iron Man suits appearing in the film.

"Marvel said, 'We like to see the suits evolve,'" Whedon told Empire. "and I said, 'Great! Then you're going back to the circle because the triangle is ass'. I'm a classicist. The circle has meaning, the triangle does not."

Whedon also spoke with SFX Magazine (via Comic Book Movie) about his approach to an "Avengers" sequel. When asked how the sequel could top the original, Whedon replied, "By not trying to. By being smaller. More personal, more painful. By being the next thing that should happen to these characters, and not just a rehash of what seemed to work the first time. By having a theme that is completely fresh and organic to itself."

Comic Book Movie has also posted the SFX Magazine interview with Tom Hiddleston, who spoke to the motivation of Loki in "The Avengers."

"There is a personal engine but it's behind a degree of megalomania. When you see Loki let go of that spear at the end of Thor, he lets go of Asgard, he lets go of Asgard and his need for that place and his attachment and need for the affection and respect of Odin and his brother," Hiddleston told SFX. "As he disappears in that wormhole, that's a literal way of saying, 'I'm done. Asgard is gone and I have other things to do.' At the beginning of 'The Avengers,' you see the beginnings of what Loki is planning and if he doesn't belong in Asgard, where might he belong? In that tragic place of confusion of 'Where do I belong in this universe?' Loki's answer is 'I will make myself belong,' which dark and menacing and dangerous. ... I think Loki is very flexible and adaptable to the present context. With each Avenger, he faces a different threat, a different strategy and methodology. Some pose more of a threat than others in his mind, but they all have their own unique superpowers. I say it's like tennis. You'll never play the same game of tennis with a new and different opponent. The magic happens in the space between you, not just with the characters but the actors too."

Finally, in the same issue of SFX courtesy of Comic Book Movie, Cobie Smulders teased a possible change in her relationship with Nick Fury

"Maria Hill has an interesting relationship with Nick at the beginning," Smulders told SFX. "She really follows the rules and has a certain mentality when it comes to the way that she gets things done. I don't think she necessarily agrees with Fury so there's a lot of head-butting throughout the film as that relationship changes."

Directed by Joss Whedon and starring everybody. Opens May 4


Although Naomie Harris is credited as playing superspy Eve in "Skyfall," a recent report on Den of Geek suggests Eve may actually also be Miss Moneypenny, the stalwart secretary to M. Den of Geek reports a quote from Harris contained in Dial A Flight magazine.

"There will certainly be some exotic locations, but as Miss Moneypenny I'll probably get no further than Pinewood Studios!"

Curiouser and curiouser.

Opens November 9


"The Hunger Games" official YouTube channel, Capital TV, has posted a new spot for the upcoming film.

Opens March 28


"Reno 911" writers Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon are developing a feature film based on the theft of Nicolas Cage's "Action Comics #1 back in 2000. The plot so far consists of a "group of nerds" intent on stealing Cage's copy of Superman's first appearance. The script is being written with Cage in mind to play himself and Jason Statham has been named in connection with the project.


Bruce Boxleitner spoke with I Am Rogue about the possibility of a third "Tron" film.

"It's in the works," Boxleitner told I Am Rogue. "Anything could happen, but all I can say is, it's in its formative stages. [Joseph] Kosinski, who is slated for it, he's shooting another movie now, and then they'll get around to doing that. I think somewhere around 2014, maybe. I'm talking way out of school here, but they can't shoot me because I'm Tron."


Comic Book Movie has posted a potential synopsis of this Sunday's episode, "Better Angels." The unconfirmed synopsis full of possible spoilers with a few images of the episode. Do not click through unless you want to experience massive spoilers for the episode. That said, they're out there now, so much like the survivors, be on your guard as you explore online for "The Walking Dead" news.

Airs Sundays on AMC


Variety reports Warner Bros. has nabbed the rights to Archaia's "Lucid" written by "True Blood" actor Michael McMillian. Akiva Goldsman is attached to develop and produce the film as a potential franchise. Goldsman is also slated to produce "Bolivar," another Archaia property launching in 2013. "Lucid" centers around a parallel universe of magic and secret agents fighting off supernatural threats.


Disney's "John Carter" premieres today and Spinoff Online has you covered with a full review from Josie Campbell, who calls the film "a throwback to the age of swashbuckling serials and sweeping historical epics, John Carter is a visual feast that, while bumpy at times, results in nothing short of an absolutely satisfying cinematic experience."

Opens March 9

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