The Avengers, The Walking Dead, Judge Dredd: January 27th Comic Reel


Collider has posted pictures and tech specs for the $9 million car from "The Avengers." The 2012 Stark Industries Super Car includes a palm-scan ID steering wheel, thermal imaging topography mapping software, bullet- and foreign element-proof clear coat and metal skin and an encrypted computer with back-powered interface and satellite link.

It also apparently gets 234 miles in the city and 302 on the highway.

Marvel.com (via Spinoff Online) has released a new set of hi-res images from the upcoming film. Three have been previously seen in Empire Magazine, but two are brand new.


A new 30 second trailer from AMC shows a bit more from the upcoming midseason premiere, "Nebraska," with the harrowing quote "We all know this isn't going to end well."

New episodes premiere February 12 on AMC.


While speaking to Newsarama about "The Curse of Shazam," DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns also gave a brief update on the possibility of a "Shazam" film.

"There's always a possibility for 'Shazam,'" Johns told Newsarama. "There's always talk about 'Shazam.' And I can't get into the specifics on that, but yeah, there's hope for 'Shazam.'"


Comic Book Movie has posted a plethora of new images from the upcoming "Ghost Rider" sequel featuring the entire cast. Many of these have never been seen before, so be sure to click through for the entire gallery.

Opens February 17


During its coverage of Sundance 2012, MTV spoke with actress Olivia Thirlby, who plays Judge Cassandra Anderson in the remake "Judge Dredd."

"The script was really, really good. But I was playing a character that existed in the comics, and actually had her own spin-off, Judge Anderson," Thirlby told MTV. "I looked at the comics a lot. She was drawn by a bunch of different people, as well as written by a bunch of different people. So, there's lots of different Andersons. There is some very sassy Andersons, and some very sad burdened Andrsons. Mostly I played her based on how I could relate to her and the wonderful script that Alex Garland wrote."

Opens September 2012


Enterprising Bat-fan Doğan Can Gündoğdu made this sweet-looking hypothetical opening credits sequence for Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight Rises." Very cool stuff and worth a look.

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