The Avengers Rocket Into "Infinity" In August

Marvel Comics' premiere superhero team heads into "Infinity" in August.

Already teased with the announcement of its Free Comic Book Day offering for 2013, Marvel today expanded on its upcoming six-issue miniseries that will launch the Avengers into deep space to tackle the newly revitalized threat of Thanos.

"The universe's greatest serial killer is cut loose to do bad things to our most precious world," series writer and current Avengers architect Jonathan Hickman told USA Today. The story will build on seeds already sown in Hickman's two Avengers titles -- "Avengers" and "New Avengers" -- while introducing a new enemy, the Builders, an ancient race of universe-building beings bent on destroying Earth.

While the miniseries itself will show the Avengers facing their new enemy, the FCBD issue and "Avengers" and "New Avengers" focuses on a story a bit closer to home. Namely, what happens on Earth when Thanos realizes that it's been left essentially helpless while its big guns are off-planet.

Joining Hickman for the series are artists Jim Cheung, Jerome Opeña and Dustin Weaver, and joining the earthside-Avengers in defending their home are the Inhumans, Marvel's race of super-powered beings who until recently lived in the blue area of the moon.

"They're not like a team of superheroes. They're a demographic - being an Inhuman is like being Cuban, like being Irish," explained Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. "Within that strata, there are good guys and bad guys and bystanders and guys who just want to do their job and go home and drink an Inhuman Löwenbräu and kick back."

"Our FCBD issue features an all-new story that leads into a huge epic later in the year, along with a heavily demanded reprint of a character's first solo story and a beautiful new cover by one of our top cover artists," Marvel's Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso told CBR earlier this year. "This same cover will be on FCBD t-shirts this year, so that gives you an idea of the scale and importance of what we're bringing you this year."

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