The Avengers, Men In Black 3, The Walking Dead: March 5th Comic Reel


The Hollywood Reporter revealed last Wednesday's "Avengers" trailer set a record-breaking 13.7 million iTunes downloads within the first 24 hours, shattering the record of 12.5 million set by "The Dark Knight Rises" in December 2011.

Spinoff Online has posted two new images of Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill.

According to MyVue.com, the approximate running time of Earth's Mightiest Movie is 150 minutes -- or 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Directed by Joss Whedon and starring everybody. Opens May 4.


Yahoo! Movies has posted a new trailer for the "Men in Black" threequel featuring Will Smight, Tommy Lee Jones, Emma Thompson and Josh Brolin.

Opens May 25


The Official Japanese "Brave" website has posted a new video and poster for Pixar's upcoming film. In case you're interested in knowing what's being said in the Japanese clip, enterprising YouTube user Pixarcoolio has posted a version of the footage with subtitles.

Opens June 22


NukeTheFridge has posted some very blurry set photos from "Man of Steel" featuring figures who look like Superman, Lois Lane and two other characters whose identities are unknown.

Opens June 14, 2013


Spinoff Online's Kevin Melrose has posted a recap of "Judge, Jury and Executioner," saying, "writer Angela Kang deftly frames the dilemma so that what's at stake isn't the life of an individual, or even the physical well-being of the group; no, instead it's the moral fabric of the threadbare society."

Following the spoileriffic revelation from "Judge, Jury and Executioner," The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Robert Kirkman about the episode and what's in store for the survivors moving into the season finale and season three.

"I think that anybody in this situation would think their time is limited," Kirkman told THR. "Hershel knows he may not be as fast or as strong as everyone else. He sees the world closing in on him -- his farm appeared to be a much more secluded place until recently -- and now there's the threat of Randall's group laying on the horizon. There also seem to be more and more zombies creeping into the farm now that the mud area has frozen up so it's more dangerous. He's definitely concerned for his safety and everyone's safety, but possibly more so his."

The Huffington Post spoke with "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus about the direction for his character, Daryl Dixon, moving toward season three.

AMC has posted a clip from next week's "Better Angels."

YouTube user TheBestUFOVideos has posted a preview of "Better Angels" that aired directly following "Judge, Jury and Executioner."

Airs Sundays on AMC


Disney Movie Trailers has posted a ten minute scene from "John Carter" in anticipation of the film's release this Friday.

Opens March 9


ComicBook.com reports "Iron Man 3" is currently in pre-production with the code name "Caged Heat." The news outlet further notes the sequel is slated to begin filming in very early May with a possibility of late April.


Season two of "Game of Thrones" is on the way in April, so here's a fresh new trailer to pique your interest.

Premieres April 1 on HBO


Enterprising YouTube user LeeCurbeloFilms has posted a video of classic '60s Marvel animation set to the audio of the newest "Avengers" trailer. Hilarious!

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