The Avengers, I, Frankenstein, 300 Sequel: November 18th Comic Reel


It's new "Avengers" banner time (courtesy of Moviefone)!

Meanwhile, Yahoo! -- along with another set of character images -- spoke with director Joss Whedon about working with the large cast. "Well, first of all, because they've played parts and because in some way we were creating a new vision of the part, I sat down with every one of them to talk about my ideas and their desires before I wrote the script, and that's very useful too. So they knew from the ground-up that they were collaborating on it. And the things that didn't make sense to them or didn't work to them, they were like, 'Well, I don't want to stress that part of my character. We have done that before.' All of that stuff I could honor," he explains. And then it's a question of making them heard, and then ultimately making them understand that there are things you are not going to budge on that are your vision. "And once they know they are part of it, but you actually have a vision, and you are not just trying to tell them what they want to hear -- that it's all working towards one purpose, one story, one idea -- then I feel, yeah, you are doing fine."

Directed by Joss Whedon & starring everybody, release date: May 4th, 2012


According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Chuck" co-star Yvonne Strahovski has joined the cast as a "scientist working on reanimating the dead and tricked into working for demons seeking to create an army of the undead." In addition to Strahovski, Miranda Otto of "The Lord of the Rings" fame will also appear.

Release date: TBA


Joel Edgerton has passed on the lead role of Themistocles, TheInSneider (via Comic Book Movie) reports. Having avoided much green screen work -- even in a "Star Wars" prequel -- I guess he prefers to do projects that will feature real sets.

Release date: TBA


IGN reached out to Travis Beacham, one of the screenwriters mentioned in the shortlist for the sequel, about his potential involvement. "I have not been approached. That said, I'd be thrilled. Supes is a pretty elemental influence for me," he responded. I think that's some evidence in my assertion that the list was an internal studio thing and not a real call to writers.

Directed by Zack Snyder, release date: June 14th 2013


Deadline reports that the pilot will be re-tooled. While the article mentions there will be reshoots, it doesn't specifically say what elements will be reworked. Will there be re-casting? Will it play up the superheroes? Down? I guess we'll know soon enough.

Airdate: TBA


Thanks to all the publicity for the latest "Twilight" picture, everyone is getting a chance to ask screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg about her plans for the TV version of Marvel's "Alias" comic. Today, io9 asks about The Purple Man, an early antagonist in the series. "He's very much a part of it. He may, or may not, have that name," she says. "[Jessica]'s really suffering of the trauma of having been violated by this guy. So that plays a huge part of the plot of the first season, and probably in her series arc." As for her version of Luke Cage, she explains that she's strayed away a little bit from the established character, but "I've learned from 'Twilight' that there's only so much canon-breaking you can do." Thanks, Twihards. I'm sure Cage's fans will be happy if the pilot goes to series.

Airdate: TBA


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