The Avengers do Black Friday in webcomic by Sairobee

Black Friday has come and gone, and whether you were one of those who waited in line or simply scoffed at those who did, you'll surely get a kick out of this great one-off comic strip by a storyboard artist known online as Sairobee. In this one-page strip, titlted "Happy Belated Black Friday, Y'All!", the Los Angeles-based artist depicts an engaging and imaginative scenario: What if the Avengers went to Black Friday?

It answers the questions you've always wondered but never thought to ask, like:

  • Why would Tony Stark need to wait in line at a shopping store?
  • What does Hawkeye want for Christmas?
  • And, what does the Hulk think about when he's bored?

Find out the answers to that by reading the entire strip on Sairobee's blog.

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