The Avengers, DK Rises, Kick-Ass 2: Jan 24th Comic Reel


Chris Hemsworth tells MTV News a little bit more about the script, saying, "Reading the script, it was massive. Everything about it was like, 'Oh my god.' I said to Joss, I said, 'I don't know how you're going to shoot this thing, but I'm excited to be onboard and let's give it a go." Here's the video:

Directed by Joss Whedon & starring everybody, release date: May 4th, 2012


According to Brusimm.com (via Comic Book Movie) reports filming will take place not only Bucharest, but "other locations around central Romania also, like in Turda, in a salt mine there." A new League of Shadows compound, perhaps?

Release date: July 20th, 2012


Collider points out a Twitter post from co-screenwriter Jane Goldman in which says, "Saw a few erroneous reports today that I'm currently writing 'Kick Ass 2' script - sorry if anyone's disappointed, but not true. Currently writing for 2 other projects, then on to lovely Matthew V's next thing (right now, looks unlikely to be KA2) when 'X-Men' post-prod' ends." Interesting, though possibly worthwhile if it gives the series a little bit more time to get more story out to the people.

Release date: TBA


Meawhile, "Kick-Ass" director Matthew Vaughn talked with Entertainment Weekly about his current project, the "X-Men" prequel, calling it "'X-Men' meets Bond, with a little bit of 'Thirteen Days' thrown in for good measure. It's set in the '60s, and I basically molded a young Magneto on a young Sean Connery. He's the ultimate spy -- imagine Bond, but with superpowers." Okay, that sounds sort of exciting. He also says, "It's got a lot of teenage angst. The 'Twilight' girls will like it." Well, it wouldn't be "X-Men" without angst. He also offers a little bit more of the plot, talks about casting James McAvoy as Charles Xavier, and even touches upon his brief stint as director of "X-Men 3."

Release date: June 3rd, 2011


The Los Angeles Times Hero Complex blog reports the obscure Canadian superhero may find screen stardom.co-creator Richard Comley says he is close to striking a deal with a Canadian production company to bring the character to life. "I wanted him to be as real as possible," he says.

Release date: TBA


MTV News has a clearer photo of the stunt Spidey running down Grand Avenue in Los Angeles:

Since it is a stunt costume, it is not as detailed a costume as star Andrew Garfield wears in his scenes, but it does offer the overall design of the new suit.

Release date: May 28th, 2012


A little while back, Comics2film at Mania.com reported "Highlander" creator Gregory Widen was set to adapt the comic for a feature film. The plot follows "a future world where a war over human souls has destroyed Heaven and Hell. Sebastian, a young human tragically killed and unwillingly drafted into the war, is reunited with his deceased brother, Gideon, the most powerful angel in the Legions of Heaven, who plans to lead a coup to regain power and restore order. Realizing he holds the key to ending the war, Sebastian must face his brother, before Gideon destroys the cycle of life on Earth." As mentioned in the article, that sounds not unlike Widen's own "The Prophecy."

Release date: TBA


Comics2film also reported "Harry Brown" writer Gary Young had been tapped to adapt the British comic which centers on "a career criminal named Jack Brodie who is hired to steal research data from a high-tech lab. He succeeds in the job but it makes him the most wanted man in Britain, being targeted by every direction. When his family is harmed Brodie goes on the offensive, using the research materials which give himself the ability to morph his appearance into any other person and embarking on a bloody trail of revenge."

Release date: TBA


Don Cheadle tells MTV News that the "War Machine" spinoff has a writer ... at least, he thinks it does. Here's the video:

Release date: TBA


And just when you think Diana's down, she gets up. As our pals at Spinoff Online reported late Friday evening, NBC has picked up the show concept which features a pilot script written by TV mainstay David E. Kelly. Of course, as Spinoff points out, the premise has been retooled. In Kelley's version, "she'll be Diana Prince, a vigilante crimefighter and successful corporate executive in Los Angeles who tries to 'balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.'" I guess it's more "Princess McBeal" or "Single Female Superhero."

Airdate: TBA


So, guess what? Ted Kord's going to be on the show! As Spinoff Online reports, "Sebastian Spence, best known for his starring role in 'First Wave,' will play the inventor-turned-superhero in the Geoff Johns-penned episode 'Booster.'" Ted's not dead! Well, not here, anyway.

Returns: January 29th, 2011


While still a little congested, I'm back to form and eager for the week ahead. Also, I'm glad that "Matrix 4" rumor was a lot of hot air. That's the sort of craziness that pops up now again in the rumor world. It's also what makes fun. Meanwhile, if any of you in the great, wide Internet discover something awesome, disheartening, or just plain weird, let us know! Take credit, come up with a clever nickname, or go anonymous. The choice is yours. Fresh rumors and movie news every weekday morning. I am Erik Amaya, bracing for the future threat of the next wild rumor.

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