The Avengers, DK Rises, Deadpool: Mar 4th Comic Reel


The rumors are true. "The Avengers" are coming to Cleveland, according to The Plain Dealer. "I'm really pleased that the city is going to get this movie," says Ohio Governor John Kasich. "It required quick and hard work between the community here and the state of Ohio, something that hasn't always happened. We won another one from Michigan. I'm thrilled we are going to have this here. I'm just bucking for a part as Governator 2." Michigan recently changed its tax incentive program, causing Marvel to look for another location. The film, the largest ever to come to Ohio, will shoot in Cleveland come the Fall.

Directed by Joss Whedon & starring everybody, release date: May 4th, 2012


Batman on Film hears an interesting rumor about the Batman's new ride in the forthcoming sequel. While their source is somewhat vague on the issue, think about aircraft. Also, the new Batmobile may be a "black ... TANK!" The site also hears from a reader that the production took a look at some of the closed schools in Pittsburgh. Here's what he had to say: "A movie production asked Pittsburgh Public Schools to arrange for some of the district's closed school buildings to be made available to location scouts from a film company. Obviously that filmed turned out to be 'The Dark Knight Rises.' Tours of four closed elementary schools were given, and of the four, I've enclosed photos of the one building in which they were 'very interested.' The building's interiors seemed to be their priority." Here's the building he mentions:

Release date: July 20th, 2012


Ryan Reynolds wants the movie to be made, according to Empire. "I'm not sure how logistically it works in terms of scheduling, but yeah, I want it to happen," he said. Asked if taking on roles from competing companies would be too much, the actor answered, "They're such different people. Deadpool is about a guy in a highly militarised shame spiral, Green Lantern is more universally themed." Of course, Empire's quotes come from their visit to the set of "Green Lantern" last summer, so the situation could be vastly different at this point.

Release date: TBA


And speaking of "Green Lantern," Empire offers a little preview of their on-set interview with Reynolds (available in Empire's print magazine). Specifically, the actor talks about the completely CGI Lantern uniform. "It has to be virtual rather than spandex," he explains. "This is a suit from an alien planet." I suppose that's all well and good, but it still looks odd in the trailer. Hopefully, it'll work in the final product.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, release date: June 17th, 2011


Brent Sprecher at Comic Book Movie spotted the film's trailer on Daily Motion:

Release date: April 29th, 2011


As we reported here at CBR, the first full photo of the Red Skull arrived online yesterday over at Entertainment Weekly. Here he is in full Hydra glory:

The creepiest part: how much it look likes Hugo Wearing, the actor underneath the make-up. The picture comes with an interview of director Joe Johnston, who mentions how he will hand off Cap to "The Avengers." I'll leave it behind the link in case you don't want to be spoiled.

Starring Chris Evans, release date: July 22nd, 2011


According to The New York Times, director Julie Taymor told the TED2011 conference that "I am in the crucible right now. It is my trial by fire. It's my company's trial by fire. We have survived because our theme song is 'Rise Above.'" While she admits the show still needs work, I wonder if she can ever publicly ponder whether or not comics and musical theater can actually mix. There's a lot of disbelief that has to be suspended for it to work.

Opens: March 15th, 2011 ... maybe


As we reported yesterday, the Bluewater comic is coming to television with help from Vanquish Motion Pictures. According to the press release, "The studio picked up the rights for the long-running comic book and graphic novel series which tells the story of a young law intern imbued with the essence of the Greek mythological goddess of justice." Writer Jennifer Quintenez is currently set to write the pilot.

Airdate: TBA


Spinoff Online has a bevy of casting announcements starting with Elizabeth Hurley, who posted to Twitter the following: "I'll be playing the evil villain. Can't wait." Spinoff assumes she means Veronica Cale, a rival businesswoman in the David E. Kelley script. Next up are Tracie Thoms and Pedro Pascal who join the show as Etta Candy and Ed Indelicato. In this version of the character, Candy will be Diana's personal assistant. Indelicato is described as "a police officer devoted to Wonder Woman."

Airdate: TBA


Michael Rosenbaum tells Zap2it about returning to the "Smallville" set in Vancouver. "I shot for 19 hours, and honestly, I had a tear in my eye at the end. I was like, 'Man, this is really it,'" he recalls. He also mentions he quit the show because of "personal reasons" that never really came to light. "I never heard the end of it," he says. Feel free to speculate, I'm sure we won't know the truth for a long time.

Airs: Fridays


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