The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, G.I. Joe: Retaliation: January 11th Comic Reel


Comic Book Movie reports new cardboard standees of the team have begun showing up in theaters.

While talking "Thor 2" with MTV News Jamie Alexander teased a possible "Avengers" appearance by Lady Sif.

"I can't tell you," she told MTV News. "Sometimes you never know. It'll be funny-they'll call you and they'll do a post-credits scene and you go, 'Oh, so everything I said in interviews is completely wrong.' So you never know!"

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Directed by Joss Whedon and starring everybody. Opens May 4.


East Coast fans looking for midnight release IMAX tickets are in for a disappointment. According to EW.com, tickets for the IMAX New York midnight showing of "Dark Knight Rises" are already sold out. The trend is expected to continue in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Opens July 20


Channing Tatum spoke with Collider and teased a bit about the upcoming sequel.

"Joe 2 I think is going to be wildly different from the first Joe," the actor told Collider. "It's not going to go CGI sort of cartoonish route. I think they're going to try to get a little bit more based in reality. They really wanted to do a lot more 'boots on the ground.' Real guns, no lasers or stuff like that."

Meanwhile, Adrianne Palicki spoke with MTV News about Lady Jaye, who makes her first movie appearance in "Retaliation."

"Lady Jaye's a badass. I couldn't really be disappointed with Lady Jaye," Palicki told MTV. "She's the one chick in the boys club. She can hold her own. She doesn't get the staff, but she is a weapons specialist. She has that going for her."

Opens June 29


Sony, via its Face of the Fan on Facebook has revealed the winning poster design for its "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" poster contest. Check out the winning entry by Justin P. from Islip, NY below.

Opens February 17


Cinemart Online has posted leaked photographs of the "Prometheus" alien head. It's unpainted, but easy to get a general idea of how it links to "Alien."

Opens June 8


Bleeding Cool quotes John Landau saying the "Avatar" sequel is "four years away." Looks like fans will have to wait a little longer for a return to Na'vi.


Robert Downey, Jr. spoke to Spanish film site Omelete during the "Sherlock Holmes 2" premiere and made some predictions for "Iron Man 3."

"I think that we have an opportunity with the third Iron Man to make the best of the three, and maybe one of the better superhero movies that's ever been made," the actor told Omelete. "But I think we have to remember what made the first one good. It was very character-driven. It was very odd. It was kind of outrageous. And so I think we have to have the courage to trust that the audience is really kind of cool, and smart."


Deadline confirms "Saving Private Ryan" scribe Robert Rodat will rewrite Don Payne's script for "Thor 2." Production is expected to begin later this year with a target 2013 release date.

Opens 2013


Somebody had to make the joke. Lego released the first poster for its "Lord of the Rings" construction sets, featuring Aragorn in his classic "Return of the King" pose.

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