The Avengers, Daredevil, Skyfall: February 22nd Comic Reel


Comic Book Movie has posted two unfinalized mini posters of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. According to their source, the posters are from Marvel exclusively to promote the film, will not be seen in theaters and are "ultra rare."

Directed by Joss Whedon and starring everybody.


Spinoff Online has posted a two-minute featurette delving into the special effects process for AMC's "The Walking Dead," showing viewers what's real and what's not. It probably won't make the show any less terrifying.

Airs Sundays on AMC.


Deadline reports "Pan Am" actor Colin Donnell has been cast as Tommy Merlyn in the CW's upcoming "Green Arrow" drama. Deadline describes Merlyn is a "playboy 'trustafarian' who assumes the good times will roll again now that Oliver has returned, only to learn Oliver is a changed man.


According to Movie Hole, "John Carter" star Taylor Kitsch is being considered for the role of Daredevil in David Slade's franchise reboot. In a feature on "15 Actors That Were Nearly Superheroes," Movie Hole stated a few actors under consideration to play Matt Murdock, including Kitsch.

"David Slade is rebooting the franchise with everyone from Xavier Samuel ('A Few Best Men') to Taylor Kitsch ('John Carter') said to be in contention," Movie Hole said.


The Official 007 Website has posted a video blog featuring director Sam Mendes and a few snippets of Daniel Craig as 007.

Also, here's a quick shot of Dame Judi Dench reprising her role as M.

Opens November 9


A new "Men in Black 3" poster has been making the rounds on the web. (Via Comic Book Movie)

Opens May 25


Newsarama reports "Greatest American Hero" star William Katt's comic-book-turned-movie "Sparks" has finished filming and is now in the process of searching for a distributor.

"I've always been a comic book aficionado, so this was my kind of story," Katt told Newsarama. "After we wrote the comic a few years ago, we made the motion comic, but we really wanted to go ahead and make a movie out of it, but it didn't come together until the last half of last year. All of the sudden, it was like, hey, we've got the financing, let's go ahead and do it! So we changed the story a little for film and now it's done."

"Sparks" stars Katt, Chase Williamson, Ashley Bell, Clint Howard, Clancy Brown and Jake Buesy and is based off of the comic of the same name written by Katt and Christopher Folino.


Here's a new TV spot for the upcoming film, courtesy of the official "Hunger Games" YouTube account.

Opens March 23


In an interview with The Playlist, Willem Dafoe confirmed the stars of Disney's "John Carter" along with director Andrew Stanton are signed on for sequels to the Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation.

"I am [signed on]," Dafoe told The Playlist. "If it succeeds, there are potentially two or three of them and I know Andrew's signed on, Taylor [Kitsch]'s signed on, Lynn [Collins] signed on. So if it happens, I know it's the same people and there's only the hope that we can go deeper."

Opens March 9


Check out this new "Justice League: Doom" clip featuring Batman and Alfred banter.

Releases on DVD and Blu-ray February 28


Aw, yeah! "Community" is back March 15! If you really can't wait for more shenanigans at Greendale Community College, why not check out this awesome Kickstarter campaign from Travis Richey, the actor who played Inspector Spacetime on "Community." Richey is putting together an "Inspector Spacetime" webseries based on the canon provided by fans within the first week of seeing the Inspector on "Community."

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