The Avengers, Chronicle, Nemesis: February 2nd Comic Reel


The ten-second teaser for the Super Bowl trailer is up to over 1.5 million views and an enterprising user over at Comic Book Movie cleaned up the image of the alien ships from the teaser for a closer look. From the clean-up work, it looks as though the ship has three pilots rather than just one.

Directed by Joss Whedon and starring everybody. Opens May 4.


With Josh Trank's "Chronicle" hitting theaters tomorrow, the promotional material is still flying. MTV spoke with star Alex Russell spoke about the value in superhero anonymity.

"I feel like superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man and Superman, for whatever reason, take on a specific persona and characteristic, having to associate yourself with a bat or a spider or have a specific image because those are the particular powers you have," Russell told MTV. "Matt, Andrew and Steve aren't having any intention to have any kind of image out there about themselves."

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Director Josh Trank spoke with Comic Book Movie and spoke a bit on the concept of the film.

"It all boils down to your social interaction with other people," the director told Comic Book Movie. "That's what keeps you grounded. I go through periods where I'm a loner, I don't talk to anybody and I feel really disconnected and I get more paranoid than I would if I was hanging around with a lot of people. When I'm social and I'm going through those periods, I feel like I understand people more and am less worried about things. The thing that connects these kids and keeps them from disconnecting like that is their friendship. That's all I can really say. Once something like that crumbles and you don't have that basic connection with anybody anymore to get you through hard times, that's when something like this unravels -- especially if you have god-like abilities."

If you're still on the fence about seeing the film, here's the final teaser before it hits theaters.

Opens February 3


Brian Michael Bendis spoke with CBR News about the status of the "Powers" pilot and the possibility of it seeing the light of day.

"There's nothing I can say or do to get it on the air except help make a quality show," he said. "If it doesn't go on the air then I will show it after 'Locke & Key' at conventions and smile and wave. So I'm hopeful and very proud of my collaborators. And in the back of issue #8 I talk about spending time on set with Mike Oeming watching this happen. It was a really special experience," Bendis explained. "Me and Mike were friends when we first started this. Now here we are over a decade later and we're more than friends. We're family. We'll be that way forever and to share this experience together and still be friends was really, really special and wonderful. All of that came about because people supported the book so vocally."


French movie website Cinecomics has posted images of Nicolas Cage in his Ghost Rider SFX makeup.

Opens February 17


Variety's Jeff Sneider announced via Twitter that Russell Crowe may be up for Jose Padilha's remake of "Robocop." While the rumor is so far unconfirmed, Sneider has had an excellent track record in terms of rumors coming true, so stay tuned.


Here's a sneak peek at this Sunday's big trailer for "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" from movieclipsTrailers on YouTube.

Opens June 29


According to Cosmic Book News, Fox is rumored to be pursuing Michael Fassbender and Liam Neeson for the adaptation of Mark Millar's villainous comic book series. The website reports Fox is "considering Liam Neeson and are now in early talks with Michael Fassbender for 'Nemesis.'" The rumor is so far unconfirmed.


MTV has posted a new clip of "Justice League: Doom" featuring the League against the Royal Flush Gang.

Premieres on DVD and Blu-ray February 28.


Universal Studios is hyping its new "Transformers" 3D ride with a series of YouTube clips featuring General Morshower. Check out a clip below and then head to the official website for more details.

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