The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Skyfall: April 2nd Comic Reel


Spinoff Online has posted two new TV spots for "The Avengers" that gives us the first close-up look at Loki's otherworldly army -- and they don't really look like aliens. In fact, they closely resemble the Disir, the exiled Valkyries who are currently playing a big role in Marvel's "Journey Into Mystery" ongoing series.

Comic Book Movie has posted a full round-up of the cast and crew of "The Avengers" discussing character, motivation and the experience on set. There are over 20 separate articles on CBM recapping the UK event but one of the more intriguing pieces involves Robert Downey Jr. speaking to how Pepper Potts got included in Earth's Mightiest Movie.

"When we were in the first of several iterations of the storyline, the only thing I was sure about was that Tony Stark needed backup," Downey Jr. said. "I said to Joss [Whedon] and Kevin [Feige], 'We really need Pepper to be involved in some way.' I felt like it's been a while since we have seen Tony and Pepper and they have grown to be pretty close and it just makes sense that she would have some kind of influence over his decision to join 'The Avengers' team."

Executive producers Kevin Feige and Louis D'Esposito noted S.H.I.E.L.D's ever-expanding role in the Marvel movieverse, especially as relates to "The Avengers."

"At the beginning of the film, we check in with them and they're overseeing an experiment with the Cosmic Cube -- also known as the Tesseract -- which they don't know much about," Feige said. "So they're working on this and something goes very, very wrong, which brings sources of evil into our world who begin to lay waste to them in such a way that it begs one question: If this big organization S.H.I.E.L.D can't handle this, who can? It's at that point that Nick Fury realizes he's got to pick up the phone and start building a team of Avengers."

Actress Cobie Smulders spoke about her character, Maria Hill, and what drives her in the film.

"I was just blown away when I found out that I got the role," said Smulders. "To be able to part of the Marvel Universe and play such a great character was something that still has not settled in and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity. At the beginning of the film, assembling The Avengers team is one of the major reasons that Nick Fury and Maria Hill do not get along. She thinks that they're a huge threat, especially the Hulk. They're very volatile characters and I think that she's a bit more by the rules and would rather take things out in military style rather than bringing together this team of loners -- loners in the sense that they do their own thing. But then after what happens, she sees that we need them."

Directed by Joss Whedon and starring everybody. Opens May 4


Andrew Garfield spoke with SFX Magazine and detailed why he thinks Spider-Man is a metaphor for internet trolls.

"You feel the power of it, the power of not being seen, the power of the mask," Garfield told SFX. "Peter becomes witty when he's got that protective layer. It's like he's on a message board. He's got the anonymity of the Internet within that suit, and he can say whatever the hell he likes, and he can get away with anything. He can f**k with people and there's no consequences because nobody knows who the hell he is. We all know how powerful and potentially dangerous that anonymity is."

Additionally, Kellogg's has released an AR app for iOS and Android that allows users to scan the back of selected Kellogg's and Keebler products to unlock special clips and content for "The Amazing Spider-Man." As of yet, there are no hi-res clips on the web, but there are sure to come.

Opens July 3


In the confusion of April Fools Day, the first "Total Recall" trailer hit. It's a good two and a half minutes long and pretty cool. Check it out below.

Opens August 3


Speaking of video clips, here's a new TV spot for the upcoming "Men in Black III" featuring Will Smith in some awesome time travel shenanigans with Josh Brolin.

Opens May 25


CarLost has posted a promo for next week's episode of "Game of Thrones," "The Night Lands."

Airs Sundays on HBO


Following Naomie Harris' featurette on new Bond girl Eve, the official "Skyfall" website has posted a new videoblog of Berenice Marlohe as Severine.

Opens November 9


According to Bleeding Cool, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige mentioned the status of Edgar Wright Jr and Joe Cornish's "Ant Man" film during a videoconference chat.

"It's somewhere," Feige told Bleeding Cool. "I'll just say it's closer than it's ever been in its long maybe eight year history, and I usually e-mail Edgar every two or three days and over those eight years its got further away and closer... we are now closer than we've ever been. So I hope it will come together shortly."


While there were many April Fools Day pranks across the internet (my favorite being the "Dragon Quest" version of Google Maps), this clip is just adorable. Kids playing superheroes with the aid of awesome toys and their imaginations. It doesn't get much better than that.

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