The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man 3: April 16th Comic Reel


With the U.S. release of "The Avengers" drawing closer and closer, it's no surprise that folks are already starting to ask about what got left on the cutting room floor and if we'll be able to see it on the DVD/Blu-ray release. While speaking with Collider, director Joss Whedon answers exactly that question, stating there will be at least half an hour of deleted scenes earmarked for the home video release.

"We did film a scene in Cap's apartment. It will be one of the DVD extras," Whedon told Collider. "I had quite a little sequence built of Cap not relating to the world and feeling his isolation and as we got closer and closer, we realized, when he's punching that bag, he's pretty much telling us everything we need to know. He's in a gym by himself at night beating things up. And then you sort of go, 'Actually, that story's being told by that.'"

While fans in the U.S. have to wait a few more weeks for the release of Earth's Mightiest Movie, advance screenings have already occurred and Marvel has cut together a featurette of all the fans in various cities excited and pumped about getting to see the film.

Access Hollywood spoke with Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, then with Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo about the mysterious extra scene Downey Jr. recently hinted they were shooting. (Via Comic Book Movie)

Finally, Comic Book Movie has posted a quote for Joss Whedon confirming the identity of Loki's alien army: the Chitauri.

"The alien race are the Chitauri -- or a version of them -- because they are not one of the key races and they don't have a storied history," said Whedon. "That wasn't the point. I know this debate will go on long after I'm dead. I would say it was the Kree-Skrull race."

Directed by Joss Whedon and starring everybody. Opens May 4.


Spinoff Online has posted a new international trailer for Marc Webb's "Amazing Spider-Man" reboot with new footage to boot.

While speaking with Total Film Magazine (and in a quote posted by Comic Book Movie, director Marc Webb spoke about the design of the costume, which was restricted to materials a teenager might have access to.

"His eyes are popped-out lenses from his sunglasses and his feet are threads from shoes," Webb told Total Film. "We thought about what material Peter would have access to."

Opens July 3


According to Spinoff Online, "Iron Man 3" is set to film in China as part of a co-financing and distribution agreement between Disney and DMG Entertainment of Beijing. No other details about the film were revealed.

However, according to North Carolina news affiliate WRAL, it looks like there was a major casting call for extras at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC. Not much about the film, but that is one long line.

Opens May 3, 2013


Courtesy of fansite StarkIndustries.ru, here are two new "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" stills featuring Adrianne Palicki as Lady Jaye and Ray Park as Snake Eyes.

Opens June 29


A new TV Promo has popped up on YouTube for next week's episode of "Game of Thrones," "Garden of Bones."

Airs Sundays on HBO


MI6 HQ has posted an interview with actor Ola Rapace about his role in the upcoming Bond movie as one of 007's adversaries. The interview is translated from Swedish, but reveals Rapace plays the villain Bond tussles with in the opening sequence of "Skyfall."

Opens November 9


Some cool promotional images for ProjectPrometheus.com have surfaced online with specs for the Med Pod 720i and the RTO1 Transport as part of the "Prometheus" viral campaign.

Opens June 8


While speaking with The Toronto Sun about "The Avengers," Kevin Feige gave a quick update on Edgar Wright's "Ant Man" project.

"Edgar's still working on that project, and it's closer than ever," Feige told the Toronto Sun. "But it's been eight years we've been working with him, and we finally decided we couldn't keep putting more people in. If Ant Man had come out four years ago, it would certainly have been part of the puzzle."

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