The Avengers 2, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier: June 21st Comic Reel


The one true Iron Man will return for two more appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Robert Downey Jr. will reprise his role as Tony Stark for both "The Avengers 2" and "The Avengers 3." Those are the only two appearances Downey has committed to, which implies there will likely not be an "Iron Man 4" anytime soon. It's good news for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans -- nobody plays Tony Stark quite like Downey.

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Following reports that Shailene Woodley's portrayal as Mary Jane Watson would be cut out of "Amazing Spider-Man 2," rumors began to circulate that the role would be re-cast for "Amazing Spider-Man 3." Entertainment Tonight Canada on Twitter spoke with the actress rumored to take on the role, Sarah Gadon, who reportedly confirmed her involvement in the franchise.

Huge news for @sarahgadon - she just confirmed to us that she is joining The Amazing Spider-Man franchise pic.twitter.com/HpRcAMhQGU

— ET Canada (@ETCanada) June 21, 2013

It's currently unknown whether Gadon will play Mary Jane, but according to ET Canada, she's definitely involved in some capacity.

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A photo posted by Comic Book Movie from the ClevelandHeightsPatch website gives a first look at Hayley Atwell's re-appearance in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" as Peggy Carter. It looks like her appearance won't be a flashback.

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Bryan Singer's "X-Men: Days of Future Past" has had a massive date change according to Box Office Mojo. Originally scheduled as a mid-summer film, the "First Class" sequel has moved up to Memorial Day 2014. Bryan Singer confirmed the news on Twitter.

Memorial Day. :) #Xmen #DaysOfFuturePast

— Bryan Singer (@BryanSinger) June 21, 2013

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Access Hollywood has posted another video in its series of interviews with "Arrow" star Stephen Amell, this time covering where Oliver and Laurel might pick up in the second season of the CW drama.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tobias Santelmann has been cast in Brett Ratner's "Hercules," based on the Radical Publishing series of the same name. Santelmann will play Rhesus, "a golden-locked barbarian and revolutionary who is Hercules' main foe," and stars opposite Dwayne Johnson. The cast also includes Ian McShane, Joseph Fiennes, John Hurt and Rebecca Ferguson.

Opens July 25, 2014


Spinoff Online spoke with "Monsters University" director Dan Scanlon and producer Kori Rae about the prequel film and how they reverse-engineered the main characters' personalities from "Monsters, Inc."

"Well, that was one of the tough but fun things," Scanlon told Spinoff Online. "These characters are different in this movie. They're 17, they're 18, and we were all different at that age. We wanted to find a nice balance of keeping them familiar -- Mike is still an optimist, Mike is still funny -- but giving them somewhere to grow from. Mike in this film, we knew for sure that in order for the audience to fall in love with his dream, he had to be a little more sincere. He couldn't just be a joke a minute, he really had to have some heart to him so that you would get behind him. And then Sully, we changed a lot as well; he's kind of this loveably arrogant guy in this movie. He's the 18-year-old that thinks he's got the whole world figured out. But it is kind of a risky thing to do, too, because everybody loves sweet Sully from the first movie because he's such a nice guy. But we thought it would be far more interesting to see how he became a nice guy - to see how Mike helped him become who he is. Because that's what great friends do -- they kind of help you figure out who you are, and they change you, in hopefully good ways."

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CBR contributor Todd Gilchrist spoke with Jeph Loeb and Steven T. Seagle about the upcoming "Avengers Assemble" animated series and the challenges of bringing a new "Avengers" animated series to the table.

"It's most important that we tell good stories," Loeb said. "Continuity is important, but it's certainly not something we should be a slave to. The good news is that we spent two seasons on 'Ultimate Spider-Man' working with Man of Action, so we really came to know and understand what Marvel Television was all about -- and when people ask us 'what does that mean,' my answer is, it's all one universe. Whether it's the Marvel Cinematic Universe, whether it's publishing, whether it's what we're doing in live action or we're doing it in animation, it still is all one universe. It doesn't mean that it's all going to match up perfectly, and it doesn't mean that the stories that are going on -- for example, what's going on in "Avengers" right now, Jonathan Hickman is [working with] a completely different cast and it's a completely different situation."

Premieres July 7 on Disney XD.

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