"The Astronaut Farmer" Filmmakers Launch "Salvador" at BOOM! Studios

Official Press Release

BOOM! Studios is proud to announce that the award-winning writer-director-producer team behind the upcoming Warner Brothers film, THE ASTRONAUT FARMER, are launching their next project – SALVADOR – in the world of comic books.

"A savior for DNA discards. He is the salvation for genetic engineering gone awry. As a product of testing, he was born brittle and light as a feather. As a result, he can fly, but is ultimately fragile. The world he loves and desires to save – can shatter him to pieces." The saga of SALVADOR begins in April 2007. The first issue features 22 pages of story content in full color.

"The Polish Brothers began their careers at the forefront of American independent film in 1999 and have never looked back since," BOOM! Publisher Ross Richie said. "Their debut film TWIN FALLS IDAHO was the toast of Sundance in 1999, and they've followed it up with a string of brilliant films in JACKPOT, NORTHFORK, and the upcoming ASTRONAUT FARMER. We just couldn't be more excited that they've chosen BOOM! As a home to one of their projects. It's a delight to be a fan of someone in film and get a shot now at working with them in comics."

SALVADOR sees the writing team of the Polishes collaborate with new up-and-coming writer Sebastian A. Jones, who makes his comic book and graphic novel debut with the project. "The hero is beautiful and flawed. He is a savior for our time. His body is broken and his spirit is eternal. I am thrilled to invest into a character with an epic past and infinite future. Working with The Polish Brothers, and to be published by the good folks at BOOM! who are dedicated to quality art and word – I've really found salvation!" Sebastian is joined by J.K. Woodward, known for a long run on Peter David's Fallen Angel, as a cover artist, and Steph Stamb on the interiors, known for his work on IDW's Angel series.

"SALVADOR is a brilliant original idea, a type of science fiction story rarely seen in comics. I think the stunning fully-painted interiors will blow people away and find a group of fans untapped by anything else on the market right now," Richie said.

THE ASTRONAUT FARMER, starring Billy Bob Thornton, opens February 23rd nationwide.

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