The Art of Modern Comic Book Coloring


A "color hold" -- or sometimes "knocking out" the line -- is when the black ink lines in comic art get colored in.

Here's a quick and easy way to color hold lines in your artwork in Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio:


  • Paolo Rivera has a great article on how he colors his own work. It's Photoshop-centeric, but a lot of it is easily translated to Clip Art Studio. There's even a second and third part, the latter of which is where he mentions using color holds for special effects and pushing things into the background.
  • It's official: Manga Studio is being renamed to Clip Studio Paint. It will take years before artists will get used to this one. Yes, ultimately, it's a meaningless name change to help simplify things and erase any confusion people might have over a company selling the same product under two different names. But, still, "Manga Studio" has ridiculously amazing brand recognition. "Clip Studio Paint" has its work cut out for itself.
  • For the extremely technically minded, here's a podcast interview with the CTO of the company that made the "Walking Dead" mobile game talking about how he scales his infrastructure to deal with a hit app.
  • Not everything at Angoulême was a controversy. Here's a celebration of the unboxing of a duck painting.
  • The second part of Orbital In Conversation's interview with Brian K. Vaughan is now live, covering a lot of his TV work and his return to comics thereafter. It was recorded earlier last year, so some references might be dated, but not many. It's another great hour with the writer.
  • Lesson learned the hard way: When you combine your comiXology and Amazon accounts, you can no longer pay through PayPal. Wish I had realized that before I pulled the trigger. It is inevitable that they'll force everyone to convert someday, but I would have held out longer if I had known. (It's also the reason I don't participate in Kickstarters with their Amazon-only funding means.)
  • One crazy thought: If "Deadpool" proves there's room for more than one type of X-Men movie, can we please get someone on a lower-budget coming of age "Dawson's Creek" type X-Men? I guess that would be "X-Men: First Class: The Movie," but how cool would it be to see teenaged X-Men doing teenaged things first, and fighting bad guys second? Cheaper movie, lower box office expectations, and less CGI. Greater profit potential. Just a thought.

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