<i>The Art of Amanda Conner</i> coming in January

If you love comics, then there's a good reason to suspect you love art; after all, that's what they're built on. And an upcoming release puts one of the the modern age's most talented artists into full focus. Coming in just six months is The Art of Amanda Conner, penned by Conner herself and published by IDW.

I've been following Conner's work for years; ever since her work on The Pro I've dug through back-issue bins and pre-ordered new work to keep myself appraised of what she does. She has an undoubted admiration for good girl art, mixing both sexiness and humor without turning it salacious. She seems like a talent that numerous publishers and writers fight over to draw their stories, but Conner has largely stuck to a close circle of friends, including her NYer beau Jimmy Palmiotti.

Although not scheduled for release until January 2012, The Art of Amanda Conner is a must-have in this comic-art-lovin' household. I hope Conner will be at Megacon later that month so I can get it signed!

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