The Archies Rock Out in Exclusive Extended Look at Debut Issue

For decade, The Archies has been a major part of the Archie Comics mythos -- the band consisting of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Reggie best known for real-world hit "Sugar, Sugar," from the animated The Archie Show. Elements of The Archies are seen in The CW's Riverdale, and while the band hasn't formed, Archie's penchant for singing and songwriting has remained intact.

Starting with May's The Archies one-shot, Archie Comics has reexamined the concept within the context of the modern-day "New Riverdale" approach that's been applied to the publishing line's other main titles. The Archies one-shot, by co-writers Alex Segura (novelist and Archie Comics' Senior Vice President of Publicity and Marketing) & Matthew Rosenberg (writer of We Can Never Go Home and Secret Warriors) and artist Joe Eisma (Morning Glories) presented a look at The Archies through a somewhat more realistic lens of what it's like being in a bad in your teenage years, especially with your best friends (and Reggie).

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That approach looks to continue with The Archies ongoing series starting in October, with the same creative team as the one-shot. The series will move further into "somewhat more realistic" territory by including appearances from in-real-life bands, starting with Scottish synth-pop outfit Chvrches in The Archies #2 and #3. More such guest spots have been promised for the future.

"We really wanted to capture the feeling of being in a band, being on tour, going to a show, or just being a music lover in general," Rosenberg said in a statement to CBR. "I hope this book reminds people of the feeling they get jamming in stinky practice rooms, dancing in sweaty clubs, or just finding that perfect record and singing along as loud as you can."

CBR has an exclusive extended look at The Archies #1, featuring eight pages in total from the issue, including two that haven't been seen before; along with a look at five of its covers. In the exclusive pages, Archie is seen rocking out to the Bingos -- the fictinal band featuring Bingo Wilkin, known to Archie fans as That Wilkin Boy.

"In this issue we learn that being in a band -- especially with your best pals -- isn't as easy as it sounds," Segura said to CBR. "And it's even tougher to maintain the energy and buzz after a killer first show. Can the Archies' get it together and figure out how to keep the band going? Stay tuned."

"I'm stoked to take the band out on the road! This is unlike any book I've ever drawn, and as a huge music geek, I can scarcely believe my luck in getting to draw this series," Esima added. "I hope readers will dig what we've got in store!"

The Archies #1 is scheduled for release on Oct. 4.

The Archies #1 main cover by Joe Eisma

The Archies #1 variant by Sandy Jarrell with Kelly Fitzpatrick
The Archies #1 variant by Matthew Dow Smith
The Archies #1 variant by Thomas Pitilli
The Archies # Fried Pie Variant by Tyler Boss
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