The "Annihilation" Continues with "Nova"

It seems like Richard Rider AKA Nova is constantly dealing with war. In the original "Annihilation" he helped unite the survivors of a galactic onslaught and saved the galaxy by stopping Annihilus's mad plan. This summer, the Human Rocket must again engage in interstellar warfare as "Annihilation: Conquest" erupts.

But (as these preview pages show) before he can fight another war in space Nova has to deal with the aftermath of a war fought at home on Earth, one which robbed him of many friends and   emotionally scarred all the survivors, "Civil War."   For more on "Nova," don't miss our previous interview with Abnett & Lanning.



Friday, CBR News will talk with "Annihilation: Conquest" editor Bill Rosemann and learn more about the exciting group of artists he lined up to tackle the cover chores on these books.

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