"The Amazing Spider-Man" Pre-Order Bonuses Provide Ability To Play As Rhino and Stan Lee

Activision certainly knows how to give comic book fans what they want when it comes to their video games. Case in point -- the publisher's upcoming "The Amazing Spider-Man," A tie-in to Sony's upcoming film of the same name, lets players do whatever they please as they swing through New York, battling criminals and unearthing a dastardly plot involving such heinous villains as The Lizard and Iguana.

But if that isn't enough, two pre-order bonuses have been announced that will allow players to do more in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game -- including swinging around for the first time ever with a certain comic book icon.

GameStop has introduced a new pre-order bonus known as The Rhino Challenge. In it, players will run through a timed destruction event with the powerful villain as he runs through city streets, destroying as much as he possibly can. For those looking to relieve their stress, this seems like an ideal download, which will be available alongside the game when it releases.

If you prefer a completely different bonus, however, you might consider Amazon's offer. Pre-ordering the game through the online retailing giant will give you access to "Play As Stan Lee," giving you the ability to swing through Manhattan with the comic book legend as he collects pages from his latest script, backed by the usual witty banter that Stan is known for. This confirms what Stan hinted at earlier in the year when he told reporters that he would be a playable character in the game. This downloadable content, available day one with the release of the game, will also include a "special surprise" at the end of the mission that ties in with Spidey's 50th anniversary, which is taking place this year.

No matter which one you choose, you'll have a great time playing as alternate characters. And when you're done, you can always go back to good ol' Spidey.

Activision's "The Amazing Spider-Man" will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and other systems on June 26.

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