The Amazing Spider-Girl #30

Realizing the lives of this four-color cat have about run out, DeFalco, Frenz, and Buscema pull out all of the stops for this issue. Everything from the Goblin God to "brand new May" (yeah, I thought that was funny, too) and back again. The battle is fought both in the "real" world and in the psyche of the Goblin God -- a monstrosity spawned from the more hideous corners of Norman Osborn's mind.

This issue juxtaposes the real with the internal, and DeFalco manages to make both approachable. Of course, it certainly helps that Frenz and Buscema are there for the art chores, as any less experienced artists may have let this issue fall apart as it bounced back and forth between the two struggles.

This issue brings in all of the legacies as they've manifested in the MC2 world; Araña, Darkdevil, Phil Urich, Kaine, and many more are all thrown into this final printed chapter of the adventures of Mayday Parker. Frenz and Buscema paste the characters into the panels with class and classical style. This book feels like a classic Marvel comic found in the secret panel of some editor's bottom drawer, a new story that could be misplaced inventory tale finally getting a chance to breathe. This story offers plenty of excitement, action and characters for the price of admission.

The recap page is especially handy, given the activity in this issue which starts long past "Go!" and dumps the reader neck-deep in the thick of a fight with Norman Osborn -- not the best place for any Parker to be. It's a shame that this book once more has to roll up the rug, put the chairs on the tables and turn out the light. The good news, however, is that the fans of this character have been supportive and vocal enough to land May a new home -- over on Marvel's Digital Comics. Additionally, Spider-Girl will also be turning up in the pages of "Amazing Spider-Man Family" beginning with #5.

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