The All-New Batsuit Fully Revealed in "Batman" #41

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains discussion of the events of "Batman" #41, on sale today.

First came the announcement and promo images revealing a new mechanized, robotic Batsuit set to debut in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Batman" #41. Then came the reveal in DC Comics' Free Comic Book Day issue "Divergence" #1 that none other than Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon is wearing that suit as the new Batman. At that point, it seemed there wasn't much mystery left to one of DC's most mysterious characters.

We should have known to never underestimate the Bat.

As expected, today's "Batman" #41 gave readers a good look at the new mech-style outfit controlled by the Commissioner, but it also revealed Gordon outside of the Bat-bot wearing another, more traditional Batsuit.

The all-black, capeless outfit features a bright yellow outline of the bat-symbol, and instead of a utility belt, Gordon sports a gun-holster. However, he doesn't use a regular firearm, instead carrying what appears to be a taser.

The issue also firmly establishes the new status quo for Batman and Gotham City. To quote:

"You won't be police, you'll work with them. With the local governments, and the people, too. You'll be a Batman that has checks and balances. You'll be a better Batman, better for this Gotham, this moment. Something inspiring."

"Batman" #41 is on sale now.

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