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The All New (And Not-So-Different) X-POSITION

by  in Comic News Comment
The All New (And Not-So-Different) X-POSITION

“Uncanny X-Men” #498, “X-Factor” #31

SOILER WARNING: “Messiah CompleX” spoilers below.  You’ve been warned.

It’s been a few weeks since the end of “Messiah CompleX,” the thirteen-part X-Men crossover event that saw the birth of a new mutant child. By the storyline’s conclusion, Bishop had been revealed as a traitor, Rogue had snapped out of her coma, Professor X was shot in the head, Cable “time-jumped” away with the miracle mutant baby, and Cyclops disbanded the X-Men.

If you’re waiting for the trade, you’ve missed a lot.

Currently, the X-books are running under the banner of “Divided We Stand.”  “Uncanny X-Men” #495 was the first book out under this label, and in it readers found the X-Men scattered across the globe while Cyclops and Emma Frost vacationed in the Savage Land.  This week, there’s a triple “Divided” threat:  “X-Factor” #28, “X-Force” #1 and “Wolverine” #62 all appear on the stands of your local comic book shops.

Expect the unexpected from the new “X-Force,” and be prepared for new directions and changes in the two existing titles, especially “X-Factor.”  Team leader Madrox has a dupe stuck somewhere in one future timeline, while Layla is trapped in another.  In addition, a change in membership for the group is forthcoming.

What will happen and what does it all mean?  Thankfully, we’ll have Peter David available here next week at X-POSITION to answer those questions and whatever else you want to know.  Just read this week’s “X-Factor” #28,  scribble your queries into an email and send them my way by Friday.  Be sure to put “X-Position” in the subject line!

And for those who are curious about the ongoing status of X-POSITION – well, we’ll be around.  Not always on the weekly basis that we were before, but you’ll still be seeing quite a bit of us.  There is tons of X-goodness coming your way, and we look forward to sharing it with you.  Long live X-POSITION!

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