The 'All-Brian' issue of Comicology is coming

Official Press Release

Dear Friends:

To my surprise and delight, I got a copy of COMICOLOGY #4 in the mail yesterday afternoon… And upon further investigation, I discovered that it will be in comic-book shops nationwide today!

Lest it appear I'm no longer in control of my creation, I should mention that I've moved recently, and the courtesy copy that's usually FedEx'd to me straight from the printer apparently went to the wrong address. What's more, John & Pamela Morrow -- my peerless publishers -- welcomed their first kid, Lily, into the world last Saturday, so even if I were better about keeping in touch with TwoMorrows headquarters I probably would've been lucky to get someone to pick up the phone instead of the baby monitor.

Even while preparing for the arrival of the World's Youngest Kirby Collector, John arranged for the coloring and design of our eye-catching cover, a model shot of Wonder Woman drawn by Brian Bolland. It tops a 116-page explosion of articles, interviews, and artwork, including a virtual mini-magazine devoted entirely to Bolland: His career-spanning interview, comicography, and sketchbook take up 48 pages all by their lonesome!

Also in our "All-Brian Issue" -- as I self-servingly sloganed it -- are interviews with Brian Clopper, editor of the kid-friendly anthology BRAIN BOMB and writer/artist of JINK'S JOURNEY, CLEARING UP MYTH-UNDERSTANDINGS, and GRAHAM THE GARGOYLE; Brian Azzarello, writer of DC/Vertigo's 100 BULLETS, HELLBLAZER, and more, as well as Marvel's recent BANNER, the inaugural release in its STARTLING STORIES series; and Brian Michael Bendis, the writer of Marvel's DAREDEVIL, ELEKTRA, ALIAS, ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP, and ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, not to mention writer/co-creator of Image's POWERS, writer/artist/co-creator of the gritty true-crime graphic novel TORSO, and writer/artist/creator of JINX, GOLDFISH, and FORTUNE AND GLORY. If you've been wondering how Mr. Bendis does it all, what Mr. Azzarello has coming up next, where to find some truly rare artwork from Mr. Bolland, or why you should've heard of Mr. Clopper even if you haven't, COMICOLOGY is required reading.

And just to show you what discriminating taste we have, we're proud to announce that shortly before this latest opus went off to the printer three of our four interviewees won highly coveted Eisner Awards, handed out at Comic-Con International 2001 in San Diego -- Brian Bolland for Best Cover Artist, for his work on THE FLASH, BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS, and THE INVISIBLES; Brian Azzarello for Best Serialized Story, for his and artist Eduardo Risso's "Hang Up on the Hang Low", published in 100 BULLETS #15-18; and Brian Michael Bendis for Best New Series, for his and Michael Avon Oeming's POWERS. (Bendis also rang up two nominations for Oni's collected edition of FORTUNE AND GLORY and was robbed of the Best Writer award by some fella named Alan Moore.)

We have more on tap than chats with the bevy of Brians, though, despite the high concept: Look for an article on the engaging QUICKEN FORBIDDEN, a retrospective of 60 Years of Starman that includes little-seen cover sketches done by Alex Ross and Tony Harris, courtesy of Harris himself -- who's interviewed in our next issue -- plus the latest installments of regular features GOOD LINES, ASK ANSWER LASS, and GUILTY PLEASURES, not to mention reviews of more not-to-be-missed material.

The only downsides to this staple-straining issue are that it's late and that it lacks the announced contributions from Brian Stelfreeze. Unfortunately the exceptional artist had too much on his plate to complete his planned Starman cover or to provide us with eye candy to supplement his interview in time, and while I dealt with crises in my own life the decision was made to forge ahead without him. I realized in designing the interiors of this latest edition of the constantly evolving COMICOLOGY that even with me pushing out the margins and upping the page count, something had to give, so I reluctantly opted to pull our Stelfreeze interview, as well, and run it in a later issue after once we're able to get it to look as good as it reads.

Even though everyone's listed in the editorial, I want to thank the many people who helped make COMICOLOGY #4 the coolest issue yet -- because they deserve it, and hopefully there are enough well-traveled websites out there that post press releases unedited for my thanks to be read. So here's to Jenifer Lamken Paul, Tom Ziuko, Scott Lemien, Laura DePuy, Richard Starkings, Joel Thingvall, Mike Freiheit, Tony Harris, Michael Naugle, Andres Accorsi, Eduardo Risso, Marcelo Frusin, Eric Nolen-Weathington, Adam McGovern, Brian D. Boyanski, Rafael Benjamin, Stefan Blitz, Jennifer M. Contino, and, last but not least, the long-suffering Johanna Draper Carlson.

Now that I've tried your patience, I'm hoping that you'll spread the word and get more folks to try my magazine. While other publications muddy the waters with polybags, price guides, potty humor, and puff pieces, COMICOLOGY gives you big-time bang for your buck. Would you rather flip past endless videogame ads or enjoy a ratio of 10 commercials to 116 pages of editorial matter -- counting the ads on the inside and back covers? Every usable square inch of paper is packed with that crisp, long-lasting COMICOLOGY goodness, lovingly prepared keep you enchanted for hours… And if by some quirk of fate it doesn't, there's always my personal money-back guarantee. Summer's end may mean off the beach and back to school, but when the curriculum is COMICOLOGY it's sunny all the time and learning is fun!

Brian Saner Lamken

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