The premier super teams of the Marvel Universe are the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and the X-Men. Each of these groups plays a vital role in preserving and protecting their world, and next month readers will get a glimpse of just how important the X-Men's role is in that equation when the seven part crossover storyline "Age of X" begins. Writer Mike Carey and a host of talented artists take readers to a reality where the X-Men never formed and the world has been overrun by anti-mutant hysteria. In this world, the last remaining mutants have banded together to make one last stand for survival.

Because history went a different, the cast of "Age of X" includes new versions of classic mutant characters. Next week, in order to get readers acquainted with these new yet familiar faces, CBR kicks off a weekly, multi-part feature we're calling THE AGE OF X COMMUNIQUÉS. With each installment, writer Mike Carey will provide us with the classified intelligence reports of anti-mutant government operative Henry Peter Gyrich. Today, as a special holiday treat, we present a preview of the first installment in which Gyrich offers up his thoughts on Magneto.



Not clearly established. Aliases include Eric Lensherr and Magnus Eisenhardt: either could be his real name, as all relevant records have been destroyed, we believe by Magneto himself.


Magda Eisenhardt: Wife, dead (circumstances of death not known).

Wanda Maximoff: Daughter, and Pietro Maximoff, son. Both dead (see: Operation Red Hot)

Lorna Dane: Possibly another daughter. Was incarcerated at Alcatraz, but died while trying to escape. Officers were disciplined: her use as a bargaining counter against Magneto might have been considerable.


Magneto is clearly the biggest threat we currently face. Attempts to capture or kill him using "Minimum-metal" Exonim units of Mark-IV and V types have all failed, although we believe that the Baton Rouge ambush left him wounded.

I think our mistake in the early operations was in viewing Magneto purely and simply as a terrorist. He actually has a formidable strategic mind and a radical agenda which goes beyond simple resistance or protest. He organized two extremely successful mutant terrorist cadres that we know of (see: Brotherhood, Acolytes) and also provided logistical and intelligence support for the Mutant Liberation Front. His attempt to reverse the Earth's magnetic poles would have succeeded if it hadn't been for the intervention of Tony Stark and Reed Richards, whose field valence manipulators are still running full-time to prevent a repetition of that crisis.

The truth is - and please don't take this as any kind of an endorsement - Magneto is an idealist. In other circumstances, if we hadn't been able to roll out the Exonim program when we did to cull mutant numbers so effectively, it's possible that he might have mobilized them into a terrifyingly potent force. Subject Simon Hall admitted under interrogation that Magneto had plans to found a mutant republic on Genosha. I leave you to imagine the implications of that, in light of the invaluable technical support that the Genoshan magistrates have provided to our own people.

Bottom line: even if the opportunity of taking Magneto alive were to arise, I'd advise against it. I wouldn't lower the threat assessment on his file until I'd seen him not just killed but ground into fine powder and scattered over the Eastern seaboard.

Who is Gyrich sending his reports to? Which other mutants are in his initial report? For the answers to these questions and more, check back next week for the first installment of the AGE OF X COMMUNIQUÉS!

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