"The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman" Land on TBS

Official Press Release

NEW YORK, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- TBS, television's "very funny" network,and American Express are teaming up for a unique marketing partnership thatwill bring a "webisode" from "The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman"campaign to the network later this month. The campaign launched exclusively onthe American Express web site in the spring. The webisodes reverberate TBS'snew "very funny" branding initiative, which debuted earlier this month. Thebranding campaign includes a new look, logo and tagline, highlighted byprogramming where comedy lovers can find hit series like "Sex and the City"and "Seinfeld," as well as hilarious original reality series like "OutbackJack" and the upcoming "Gilligan's Island."

The first webisode, "A Uniform Used to Mean Something," will air in itsentirety on TBS from June 15-19, immediately following "Sex and the City." TBSwill feature on-air billboards and on-air bugs during "Sex and the City"encouraging viewers to stay tuned to see Jerry Seinfeld and Superman in theirlatest adventure.

In addition, TBS will air a television sneak preview of the secondwebisode, entitled "Hindsight is 20/20," the week of June 20. The previewwill direct viewers to the American Express websitewhere they can watch the four-minute "Hindsight" webisode in its entirety; view the first webisode andbehind-the-scenes clips and interviews; and discover a unique interactiveexperience. The 30-second sneak preview will air during "Sex and the City"and in the network's prime-time schedule.

Both webisodes were co-written by Jerry Seinfeld and directed by acclaimedfilm director, Barry Levinson (Diner, Rain Man). The first webisode, "AUniform Used To Mean Something," set in New York City, debuted on the AmericanExpress website March 29, 2004. "Hindsight is 20/20", shot on location inDeath Valley, CA, debuted on the American Express website May 20, 2004.

"This partnership between TBS and American Express brings the strength ofeach company's assets to the table in a way that goes far beyond a traditionalmedia deal," said Linda Yaccarino, executive vice president of TurnerEntertainment Ad Sales and Marketing. "The alliance allows both TBS andAmerican Express to expand their well known brands through a significant reachto our respective target audiences."

"By joining American Express' hilarious 'Adventures of Seinfeld andSuperman' with the eagerly anticipated TBS debut of 'Sex and the City,' we arebringing together two great icons of comedy," said Steve Koonin, executivevice president and chief operating of TBS and TNT. "This 'very funny'combination further establishes TBS as an ideal choice for innovativeadvertising opportunities designed to reach the comedy lover in all of us."

"We are excited to bring TBS viewers with 'Adventures of Seinfeld andSuperman' -- original content that has drawn millions of fans to our websiteto be entertained by two longtime friends," said John Hayes, chief marketingofficer at American Express. "Through the webisodes, we have been able tointroduce new customers to the brand in a unique and entertaining way and knowthat the TBS audience will enjoy the pair's 'misadventures' too."

The centerpiece of TBS's new branding campaign is the commercialtelevision debut of "Sex and the City." TBS is airing 10 memorable "Sex andthe City" episodes over five nights in primetime. TBS will air the entireseries in order beginning June 22 with two back-to-back episodes airing eachTuesday at 10:00 p.m., then re-airing each Wednesday at 10:00 p.m.

The network's new branding initiative targets comedy lovers: young,well-educated adults who are affluent for their age and who love comedicprogramming of all types. TBS will make viewers laugh out loud and feel youngby connecting them to the "very funny" stories and characters they love.

"The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman" webisodes were produced underlicense from DC Comics and Warner Bros. Consumer Products.Visit http://www.americanexpress.com/jerry to view "The Adventures of Seinfeldand Superman."

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