The Abandoned An’ Forsaked - Why Did Magneto Join the Hellfire Club?

So Simonson and Byrne (and inker Bob McLeod) have Sebastian Shaw pissed at Magneto over the effects of Inferno, which he tries to pin on Magneto. So they have a fight between each other while the New Mutants are trapped nearby, listening in...

This is all very in keeping with something that John Byrne and others at Marvel at the time were pushing for (Roger Stern was another one), a return to villainy for Magneto. And here, they more or less got their wish.

Magneto ends up defeating Shaw and taking over as the SOLE King in the Hellfire Club...

Claremont, as you might imagine, was not thrilled with this turn of events. So in Uncanny X-Men #253 (with art by Marc Silvestri and Steve Leialoha), Claremont retcons the retcon and reveals that Magneto is only PRETENDING to be a villain, so that he will take the attention away from the rest of the mutants out there...

It's a very clever retcon, because it allows for other writers to use Magneto as a villain if they want, while Claremont could still stick with "but he's secretly not a bad guy!" stuff.

As for the "Grey King," well, I guess that could be its own Abandoned Love right there (and I'll also be addressing some more Claremont Magneto retcons in the future).

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