The Abandoned An’ Forsaked - Was Wolverine Brainwashed Into Joining the X-Men?

The story continued into X-Men: Legacy #217 (by Carey, Eaton and Hennessey), where we discover that Wolverine assaulted Xavier soon after joining the X-Men. Probably sometime around the scene above where Wolverine went berserk (Uncanny X-Men #96), since Moira MacTaggert is already at the X-Mansion...

In the next part of the story, Wolverine: Origins #29 (by Daniel Way and Mike Deodato), we see that Xavier knew of Wolverine's plans to kill him way back when Wolverine first fought the Hulk...

But Xavier let Wolverine in to attack him (Wolverine was ordered to inilftrate the X-Men and kill Xavier at the behest of the evil, mysterious Romulus) because he needed a weapon on the X-Men, so he then brainwashed Wolverine into joining the X-Men...

The plot of Original Sin, other than revealing this stuff, is that Wolverine wants Xavier to do the same thing to his son, Daken, since Daken is an evil little jerk. Xavier actually tries, but it does not work out. In the end, Wolverine forgives Xavier, telling him that basically all he did was make him a hero, so he is grateful really.

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