The Abandoned An’ Forsaked - Wait, Rogue and Sentry Slept Together? Huh?

First off, at the funeral for the Sentry, we learned that Sentry helped Tony Stark get over his alcoholism, which just seems weird.

But then we got this...

Now I wouldn't dream of suggesting that Rogue is some chaste character. She clearly is not. The issue is not that she had sex with the Sentry, the issue is that it was revealed after the fact as a throwaway retcon. The issue is that there was never a moment in Rogue's comic book history that her having sex with the Sentry wouldn't be a HUGE deal, and yet it was just announced offhand in a one-shot that no one was ever going to follow up on, especially since the Sentry was, you know, dead. And it wasn't even really Rogue who got to confirm it, but just some gossipy sidetalking between Cyclops and the Human Torch.

What a weird, weird retcon to toss in there.

That's it for this installment!

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