The Abandoned An’ Forsaked - There Were ClanDestine Comics NOT By Alan Davis?

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Today, in honor of Alan Davis' recent return to his ClanDestine characters in this year's Fantastic Four, Daredevil and Wolverine Annuals, we take a look at the FIRST time that Alan Davis returned to his ClanDestine characters.

ClanDestine was a comic book series that Alan Davis created for Marvel Comics about a mysterious hidden family of super-powered beings called the Destines (so not only are they a Clan called Destine, but their operations are clandestine - clever, Davis, clever!!).

After writing and drawing eight issues of the series, Davis left the book.

Somewhat surprisingly, rather than ending the series, Marvel brought on writer Glenn Dakin to replace Davis. Dakin, as you might expect, went in a different direction with the book than Davis would have intended had he not left the title...

The book only lasted four more issues before being canceled.

A notable change Dakin made was returning Vincent (a member of the Clan who was killed before the series began) to life...

A year or so later, Davis was given the opportunity to do another project with the Destine clan, this time in a two-part crossover with the X-Men.

Early in the first issue, Davis addresses the ClanDestine issues that came out after he left...

You don't get much more dramatically abandoned and forsaked than that.

I especially love how Davis actually has Rory use the phrase "acting out of character"!

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