The Abandoned An’ Forsaked - So WHAT'S Star-Lord's Origin Exactly?

Now clearly, originally Englehart intended for Star-Lord's adventures to be in the future (well, the future in 1975, at least) and that is the approach Pacheco takes, as well.

However, a couple of years after Inhumans #4, Keith Giffen brought Peter Quill into the Marvel Universe HIMSELF in the pages of Thanos. Giffen's take essentially abandoned and forsaked Pacheco's, as Quill not only is around in the present day Marvel Universe but he has been Star-Lord for some time by the time he showed up in Thanos (in prison for some actions he had taken as Star-Lord). Quill is freed from prison right in time to play a key role in Annihilation. When Star-Lord got his own mini-series during Annihilation Conquest (also written by Giffen, with amazing artwork by Tim Green II and Victor Olazaba), Giffen detailed Star-Lord's Marvel Universe history for the first time...

As you can see, Giffen pretty much keeps Englehart's origin for Star-Lord, just sets it in the past. Giffen also seems to, if not explicitly abandoning and forsaking it, implicitly abandoning the whole Spartax angle. Giffen's Peter Quill (and Abnett and Lanning's Peter Quill after Giffen left the Annihilation books) seems to be pretty squrely "just" an Earthling. The Kree, for instance, talk about him only as an Earthling.

This brings us to Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 by Brian Michael Bendis, Steve McNiven and Dexter Vines. Besides a general de-aging of Star-Lord, Bendis essentially abandons and forsakes all of the previous origins and then consolidates Star-Lord's origin. No more Master of the Sun giving Star-Lord a special gun. No more astrological birth. No more psycho father. No more mind-wiped mother. Just an alien prince crash landing on Earth and falling for an Earther...

Then he leaves Earth to go back to his inter-galactic war with her pregnant (hopefully without him knowing this).

Years later, some Badoon show up to eradicate the Spartax bloodline (I like how Bendis made the aliens Badoon)...

Young Peter manages to kill the Badoon assassins but is seemingly killed when his house explodes. He survives and inherits the special Spartax gun from his father and this drives him to become an interstellar cop...

Honestly, I like Bendis' streamlined origin. Claremont and Byrne had already streamlined Englehart's original trippier origin by the time that they took over Star-Lord (they didn't retcon it, but they basically ignored it in favor of a more straightforward adventurer take on Star-Lord), so I think the further streamlined origin works well.

That's it for this week! If you have a suggestion for a future Abandoned an' Forsaked, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com

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