The Abandoned An' Forsaked Archive

Here is an archive of all the editions of The Abandoned An' Forsaked that we have done so far. This is for comic book stories and ideas that were not only abandoned, but also had the stories/plots specifically "overturned" by a later writer (as if they were a legal precedent).

The more recent posts are at the end of the piece.

Click on each one to see a write-up of the abandoned (and overturned) storyline...

1. Doctor Strange meets Ben Franklin

2. The Fantastic Four see Doom's Face Without His Mask On

3. Ben Reilly is the One, True Spider-Man

4. The Little Mermaid is Dead!

5. Thor Saved the Planet of the Space Phantoms

6. Mantis and Scarlet Witch's Long-Lost Children Are Working Against the Avengers!

7. Kang Caused Hank Pym's Nervous Breakdowns

8. Spider-Woman is an Evolved Spider!

9. Poison Ivy's Real Name is Lillian Rose

10. Aunt May Died!

11. The Falcon is a Mutant

12. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's Father is the Whizzer

13. Ultimate Iron Man Grew Up Wearing Blue Bio-Armor and Could Re-Grow His Own Limbs

14. Will Magnus is a Robot?

15. Alex Power is a Horse?

16. Catwoman was a Prostitute?

17. Holly Robinson is Dead?

18. Xorn is Really Magneto?

19. Prometheus is a Pushover?

20. Leslie Thompkins Killed Someone to Prove a Point to Batman?

21. Did the Punisher just shoot that litterer?

22. Northstar is an ELF?!

23. Namora died?

24. Lionheart seeing her kids is a BAD thing?

25. Scarlet Witch uses Chaos Magic?

26. Batman kills people with guns?

27. Black Canary came to Earth-1 from Earth-2

28. How DOES Superman get his powers?

29. Where did Superboy's DNA come from?

30. The Vision is the Human Torch?

31. So who is Magma after all?

32. Magneto is a Gypsy?

33. Captain America Had a Brother Who Died at Pearl Harbor?

34. Sharon Carter Burned to Death?

35. The Nick Fury Who Died Was Not an LMD…Okay, Yeah, He Was an LMD

36. Alley-Kat-Abra is a Murderer?!

37. Lightning Lad's a WHAT?!?

38. Spider-Woman's dead and forgotten?!

39. The Swords guy taught Hawkye archery?!

40. Who's That Element Lad's Been Dating?

41. Johnny Storm Married Alicia Masters?

42. Aquaman was TAUGHT to breathe underwater?!?

43. So Wait, There's TWO Psylockes?!?

44. So WHO Killed Batman's Parents Anyways?!?

45. Is She Actually the Joker's Daughter or What?!?

46. So is She a Clone of Gwen Stacy or What?

47. So is Viper Spider-Woman's Mom or What?

48. So Jesus Christ is Pals With Ghost Rider?

49. So Who Was the Second Terra Anyways?

50. So Hawkeye Had Sex With a Doom-Bot?

51. What's the Deal With Jarvis and Tony Stark?

52. Does Etrigan Rhyme ALL of the Time?

53. The Tragedy of Triumph

54. That Time J. Jonah Jameson Went Insane

55. So Ice a Goddess or What?

56. The Tinkerer is an Alien?

57. So HOW Did Storm and the Black Panther First Meet Exactly? (newer retcon at #140)

58. So is Magneto Polaris' Dad or What?

59. Spidey Can't Sense People Who Look Like His Friends?

60. Did Thor Just Beat Up the Most Powerful Hindu God?

61. Robin Doesn't Trust Batgirl With His Secret I.D.?

62. When Did Alfred First Meet Batman?

63. So is Sunspot Reignfire or What?

64. So HOW Old Are Superboy's Parents?

65. You Sure You Read That Issue of Warlord Correctly?

66. So HOW Many Icemaidens Are There?

67. There were ClanDestine Comics By Someone Other Than Alan Davis?!

68. So WHO Killed Polaris' Parents After All?

69. How Did Adam Warlock Get to be the Size of the Milky Way Galaxy?

70. Maybe We Should Just Forget This Issue of Excalibur...

71. So Cap is Now Drug-Free...Or IS He?

72. So Is Doctor Doom a Deadbeat or What?

73. Where Did Cyclops' Ruby Quartz Glasses Come From?

74. Is This the Craziest Avengers Wedding Ever or What?

75. Even Kitty Pryde's Dad is Involved in X-Men Retcons?

76. Who Are the Global Peace Agency?

77. So is Hal Jordan Really Without Fear or What?

78. What Happened to Polaris' Powers?

79. A Super Quick Alpha Flight Turnaround

80. Is Rhodey's Mom Dead or What?

81. Did Iceman REALLY Lose His Powers During the House of M?

82. So Did Wasp Die or What?

83. So HOW Old is Captain America's Girlfriend?

84. So WHERE was Superman born?

85. So WHEN did Clark Kent and Lex Luthor first meet?

86. Being Impaled in the Heart Isn't Fatal, Right?

87. Even X-Men Can't Survive Being Cremated, Right?

88. So is Europe Just a Codeword for Limbo for Osborns?

89. The Death of the Hulk's Wife: The Quickest Retcon in Comics History?

90. Nightcrawler Was a Priest?

91. Was Norman Osborn Involved In Aunt May's "Death" or What?

92. The Long and Short of Arnim Zola's Back Story

93. So WHO Killed Spawn?

94. So the SKRULLS Caused Hulk's Origin?

95. So Who Was the Hobgoblin REALLY Anyways?

96. So Did the X-Men Seriously Fight a Talking Island Or What?

97. Whitewashing Whitewash Jones

98. Did Doctor Doom Really Work For Hitler?

99. Black Panther Has ESP?

100. The Flash Got His Powers From An Imp From Another Dimension?!

101. So There Was No Magic Sperm?

102. So WHO Killed Iron Fist?

103. Will the REAL Thanos Please Stand Up?

104. So WHO Came Up With the Green Lantern Oath?

105. So WHAT's Star-Lord's Origin Exactly?

106. So Do Batman and Superman Have Sons or What?

107. So Did Hal Jordan Become a Bad Guy or What?

108. So Did Captain America Kill People During World War II Or What?

109. So the U.S. Government Actually Secretly Froze Captain America All Those Years?

110. So Did Captain America Make It Out of World War II Or What?

111. What's Up With Emma Frost's Origins?

112. So Captain America’s Shield Works Through Magnets?!

113. So How DID Cap End Up in Suspended Animation?

114. Did Squirrel Girl Just Beat Up the REAL Thanos?

115. So WHEN Did Thor First Meet Hercules?

116. Did Superman's Parents Seriously Survive the Destruction of Krypton?

117. Are Wolverine’s Claws Part of His Mutation or What?

118. Did Arcade Light a Match on Doctor Doom's Armor or What?

119. The Infinity Gauntlet Can Never Be Used Again! Or Can It?

120. So Why Did Reed Richards Support the Superhuman Registration Act?

130. Magneto is Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's Dad...Or IS He?

131. So The Taskmaster Got His Powers From a Nazi Super Serum?

132. So the Hulk Can Breathe Underwater?!

133. So, Did Daredevil Kill a Hooker or What?

134. Why did Quicksilver Become Such a Crazy Villains in the 1980s?

135. So What are Blade's Powers Exactly?

136. The Beyonder is a Cosmic Cube! No, Wait, He's an Inhuman! No, Wait...

137. Hank Pym's Dead Wife Is Alive! Oh Wait, Never Mind.

138. Did Mr. Fantastic Really First Meet the Invisible Woman When She Was Twelve?!

139. Can Cyclops Not Control His Powers Due to a Head Injury?

140. No, Really, How Did Storm and Black Panther First Meet?

141. Did Deadpool Create Venom?

142. God Loves, Man Kills and Comic Book Writers Retcon Stuff

143. Why Did Magneto Join the Hellfire Club?

144. So is Cannonball an External or What?

145. Did Supergirl Come to Earth to Kill Superman?!

146. Did Thor Talk to a Dead Captain America While Cap Was Still Alive?

147. When Exactly Did Jean Grey Join the X-Men?

148. Did Apocalypse Get His Start in Ancient Egypt?

149. Was Bucky, Captain America's Partner, an Army Mascot...or a Trained Killer?

150. Was Sam Wilson: Captain America Ever "Snap" Wilson, Street Hustler?

151. Did Deadpool Seriously Kill Hitler?

152. Did the Punisher Fight in the Vietnam War?

153. Did a Demon Kill Punisher's Family?

154. Was Wolverine Brainwashed Into Joining the X-Men?

155. Was Wolverine the First X-Man?!

156. How Immortus Ruined the Vision and Scarlet Witch's Lives!

157. Did Scarlet Witch Just Forget That She Had Kids?

158. Were There Actually SIX Original X-Men?

159. Cyclops Ditched His Wife and Kid, But Don't Worry, It's Totally His Wife's Fault

151. What's the Deal With Hawkeye's Hearing?

152. Were the Hulk's Personalities Ever Actually Merged?

153. Wait, Rogue and Sentry Slept Together? Huh?

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