<i>The 99</i> get its own iOS app — and webstore

In addition to its flagship Comics reader and single-publisher apps, comiXology has a number of iPad apps devoted single properties, such as Scott Pilgrim and The Walking Dead. Now the Islamic superhero series The 99 joins the ranks with their its iPad app and webstore, both powered by comiXology. Interestingly, while comiXology has created several dedicated iOS apps for different properties, this is only the second time company has created a single-property webstore.

The 99 was created by Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa as a way to promote peace and understanding; the title refers to the 99 names of God, and the characters are envisioned as role models embodying Islamic values that are shared by other cultures. We asked comiXology CEO David Steinberger to talk to us about this new addition to the line.

Robot 6: I know you have done single-property apps before, like Scott Pilgrim, and publisher and retailer webstores, but is this the first single-property webstore?

David Steinberger: We did a Transformers dedicated Web Store a few months back, but that’s the only other one. In that case, it was starting a new relationship. For this one, it’s that this is a special property — the only one from Teshkeel — and together we determined it should be sold directly on their site.

Robot 6: Why did you feel this particular property merits its own app and webstore?

David: Everyone at comiXology thinks that what Naif and his crew at Teshkeel are trying to do with The 99 is pretty important. We really wanted to put our shoulder in to this project and give The 99 as much exposure as we could.

Robot 6: Is it available worldwide or just in North America?

David: All these books are available worldwide.

Robot 6: This is one property that would seem to have a broad appeal among people who don’t necessarily read a lot of comics. Are you doing any marketing outside the usual channels?

David: Teshkeel does a great job promoting The 99, so right now, we are focusing on getting as much content into the App as fast as we can. As that runs its course, we will certainly work with Teshkeel on new promotional opportunities. We need to figure out the right opportunities, at the right time. Our goal is to get The 99 in front of as many people as possible!

[Note: This article originally stated that the 99 was based on the 99 names of the Prophet Mohammed and was corrected on November 11.]

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