The 75 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics History - Day 4

Okay, in case you didn't see the introduction, the concept is that each day up to and including the 31st of July, I'll be posting six of the most memorable moments from DC Comics' 75-year history. On the 31st, you folks will get a chance to pick your Top 10 out of the 100 choices. I'll tabulate the votes and I'll debut the Top 75 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics History starting on August 8th. In the meantime, feel free to post suggestions for moments you think should be featured either at our Twitter account (twitter.com/csbg), our Facebook page (facebook.com/comicsshouldbegood) or just e-mail me (bcronin@comicbookresources.com)!

Here's the next six moments! And click here for the master list of all the moments posted so far!

NOTE: Each day of moments will almost certainly contain some spoilers for past comic books, plus each day might include content that originally appeared in "Mature Readers Only" comics, so be forewarned!

17. Death of Supergirl (Crisis on Infinite Earths #7)

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Marv Wolfman and George Perez give Superman's cousin an extremely heroic, heartfelt send-off in this touching moment from Crisis on Infinite Earths.

18. Is Batman a man or a fiend from hell? (Batman #244)

This is how awesome Batman #244 is - this isn't even the last moment from this Denny O'Neil/Neal Adams classic. Still, in terms of "wow, Batman is awesome?" you don't get much cooler than the reaction Ra's gives him here.

19. The revelation of the Fourth Man (Planetary #12)

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All throughout the series, Warren Ellis and John Cassaday laid hints as to who the mysterious "Fourth Man" of Planetary was - here, Elijah Snow discovers the truth - the man he has been searching for has been him all along!

20. Superman reveals his secret identity to Lois Lane (Action Comics #662)

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You know, oddly enough, the actual PROPOSAL (and acceptance) between Lois and Clark really is not all that memorable (and as such, won't be on the list), but the reveal of his identity sure was. A job well done by Roger Stern and Bob McLeod...

21. Earth-2 is discovered! (Flash #123)

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In this important issue, Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino introduce the concept of TWO Earths to work in the fact that DC had had previous incarnations of the Flash, Green Lantern, etc. This is the first meeting of heroes from both worlds.

22. Gordon and Batman's alliance begins (Batman #404)

As awesome as Batman Year One was, only this last scene was actually included more or less word for word in the film Batman Begins. It's a beautifully memorable ending by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.

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