The 75 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics History - Day 10

Okay, in case you didn't see the introduction, the concept is that each day up to and including the 31st of July, I'll be posting six of the most memorable moments from DC Comics' 75-year history. On the 31st, you folks will get a chance to pick your Top 10 out of the 100 choices. I'll tabulate the votes and I'll debut the Top 75 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics History starting on August 8th. In the meantime, feel free to post suggestions for moments you think should be featured either at our Twitter account (twitter.com/csbg), our Facebook page (facebook.com/comicsshouldbegood) or just e-mail me (bcronin@comicbookresources.com)!

Here's the next six moments! And click here for the master list of all the moments posted so far!

NOTE: Each day of moments will almost certainly contain some spoilers for past comic books, plus each day might include content that originally appeared in "Mature Readers Only" comics, so be forewarned!

53. Three young people find a calling (Superboy #147)

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E. Nelson Bridwell and Pete Costanza deliver the iconic origin of the Legion of Super-Heroes. It is pretty weird that it took a decade before the Legion even HAD an origin, but it's stuck ever since!

54. Coast City is destroyed (Superman Vol. 2 #80)

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Dan Jurgens steps up the Reign of the Supermen by revealing that the Cyborg Superman is actually a VILLAIN working with the alien despot, Mongul! He demonstrates this in dramatic fashion when he and Mongul destroy Hal Jordan's home of Coast City!

55. Joker shoots Barbara Gordon (Batman: The Killing Joke)

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You don't get much more shocking than the sight of the former heroine known as Batgirl getting shot in the gut by the Joker in front of her father, Commissioner Gordon. You don't have to LIKE the scene to appreciate that it has become etched in the memories of fans everywhere. Alan Moore wrote it and Brian Bolland drew it.

56. Superman returns (Kingdom Come #1)

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At the end of the first issue of Kingdom Come (by Mark Waid and Alex Ross), after a long time in self-imposed exile, Superman is lured back to the mainstream world to help curb an infestation of "modern" superheroes. Little does he know that his return is going to set the world down a path that might lead to the annihilation of everyone!

57. Batman and Joker share a laugh (Batman: The Killing Joke)

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While quite a few folks were put off by Joker shooting Barbara Gordon in the Killing Joke - the end of the book (written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland) was possibly even MORE divisive! The two men standing in the rain laughing at a silly joke is intentionally provocative, but certainly memorable.

58. Doctor Erdel reached out and touched someone (Detective Comics #225)

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Joe Samachson and Joe Certa deliver the iconic origin of the Manhunter from Mars!!

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