THE 52 STEPS: Week Two

"I still have questions" - Renee Montoya

Week Two

Previously in 52...

The heroes united to make a head count, and discovered tha Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are all missing. Ralph Dibny got a disturbing call that may have saved his life. The Question played peeping tom with Renee Montoya, Steel discussed the heart of heroism, and Booster Gold was, well… Booster Gold. Oh yeah, somebody kidnapped Dr. Sivana and Black Adam started to rebuild Kahndaq.

The Key Players

Ralph Dibny, Renee Montoya, Booster Gold and The Question

Guest appearances

Dr. Will Magnus and Dr. T.O. Morrow, Wonder Girl


As week two begins, Ralph Dibny visits the grave of his murdered wife Sue to check out the mysterious message left there for him. After speaking with the groundskeeper, whom he had formerly helped as the Elongated Man, he takes a few photos and Detective Dibny goes to work.

Meanwhile, Booster Gold is visiting Dr. Magnus, creator of the Metal Men, for help in repairing his future sidekick/valet/historical reference, Skeets. However, Skeets popped up and running no worse for the wear, leading Booster back to duty to do his heroic deeds as recorded by history. Unfortunately, Skeets might not be as well as Booster would like, as evidenced by a near fatal plane crash listed incorrectly in Skeets' history databank.

Meanwhile (again), Dr. Magnus goes to visit Dr. T.O. Morrow in his prison cell. Morrow, creator of the Red Tornado, warns Magnus that someone has been kidnapping scientists, as evidenced by news reports citing the disappearances of Dr. Sivana, IQ, Dr. Death and others. Morrow warns Magnus to watch his back, because they're likely targets, having been the two only people who really were able to create artificial souls.

The Question pays a drunk and disorderly Renee Montoya a visit in her apartment, where she's sleeping it off with some chick. The Question leaves her a note that eventually leads her to 520 Kane Street, where he confronts her and offers her a job, paying her $600 in advance. For what, we don't know, but Renee is left to explore the abandoned building at 520 Kane Street.

And it looks like Wonder Girl has begun a religion devoted to either Krypton, Superboy, or both. At the focal point of the religion is the "S" shield symbol that Conner and Clark bear as heroes, a symbol that means hope in Kryptonian. Inverted, the symbol stands for resurrection, and Ralph confronts Wonder Girl, as this inverted symbol is the one left on Sue's grave.

Also, the history of the DC Universe backup feature has begun.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • It's nice to see Ralph being a cool detective, not just a stretchy guy. And is it just me or is he really looking like David Caruso on "CSI: Miami?"
  • So, who's rounding up all the scientists? And why?
  • Booster saving the airplane was cool, if almost a total disaster.
  • It's going to drive me nuts until I remember what's supposed to be at 520 Kane Street. Where's my map of Gotham…
  • Superboy as a religious figure is creepy. Not that I don't like Superboy, but still… And it's interesting that the world has taken to deifying the Kryptonians following their "deaths."


Nothing too telling perhaps, but would a return of the Metal Men be so shocking? Even with Dr. Magnus seemingly against the idea in this issue, those crazy robots are favorites around the DC offices. Therefore, it wouldn't be too surprising if the doc gets genius-napped and the robots go on the prowl. Odd, perhaps, but not surprising.

The Daily Planet

Some new banner ads are up, and checking out the headlines makes for interesting reading, including an update on Star City. Take note: "Reporter Sketches" were to be up this week, as well. All of this at 52thecomic.com


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