The 52 Steps: Week Twenty-Six

"Going down is easy, right up until you hit the bottom." - Richard Dragon

Week Twenty-Six

Previously in 52...

It was Halloween around the DCU, as the Black Marvel Family earned some new fans, Alan Scott talked about Checkmate with Mr. Terrific, and Intergang began its plans to solidify it's hold on Gotham and, potentially, the world at large.

This Week's Key Players

Black Adam, Steel, Renee Montoya and The Question.

Guest appearances

Isis, Osiris, Richard Dragon, Aristotle Rodor, Jack Ryder, Starlight, the Sivana family and all those wacky mad scientists. Waverider also made a minor but very important appearance.


Well, here we are, kids and cats: Week 26. It's the halfway point of everyone's favorite weekly series, and the fun hasn't stopped yet. Let's see what we had in store this week, shall we?

Fist off, just a few dozen miles away from Nanda Parbat, the Question and Renee Montoya disembark from their Air Black Marvel flight into the mountains, only to be met by Vic's friends, Aristotle Rodor and Richard Dragon, at which point Richard offers to teach Renee what he knows, in that oh so Richard-Dragon-talks-crazy way.

After leaving their passengers behind, the Black Marvel clan swings by the home of the Sivana clan, who are hoping that the Marvels will help them find their missing Patriarch, Dr. Sivana. While the Marvels in general have often battled with Sivana, they take their new roles as protectors seriously and offer to do their best to find the missing doctor.

Meanwhile, a bored and lonely Osiris slips out of the dinner meeting at the Sivana compound, only to meet a new friend, a mishap created by Sivana's mad science. Also, the result of that mad science had the junior Sivanas bend the laws of time and space, catching a moment in time with Waverider shouting about understanding.

Where's the good doctor that everyone is interested in? Why, on the Island of Dr. Morrow, of course. Where he and his fellow crazies are busy hammering out all sorts of weird science to sell to Intergang. However, the boys club gets a hardy kick in the pants as a Dr. Cale arrives on the scene to add a feminie touch to the proceedings.

One last point for the week: Steel and Natasha (aka Starlight) have a battle of family values of Jack Ryder's hit show, "You Are Wrong."

The back up feature this week is the bold work of Joe Bennett and Mark waid as they rediscover the history of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • Okay, just got to say, I love Richard Dragon, and I'm glad to see him, even if it is on the far side of the world.
  • Speaking of far side of the world, it's been a while since anyone's been to Nanda Parbat, hasn't it?
  • Jack Ryder is great. I'd love to see him and Vic Sage in a meeting, second only to the need to see their alter egos meet.
  • Not much to say on the Sivana family. Honestly, they're just creepy.
  • Anyone else think Osiris' new friend looks a lot like Killer Croc from the days of "Hush?"
  • Just what does Waverider have the answer to?
  • Dr. Cale? Is this Dr. Veronica Cale from Greg Rucka's run on "Wonder Woman?" Looks like. After all, who could forget those legs?
  • And speaking of Dr. Cale, anyone see a really weird hook up between her an Dr. Magnus happening real soon? I do.
  • Just what the hell are Intergang's "Four Horsemen," anyway?


Can I just take a moment to say, yes, indeed, I called it. Check the archives many issues ago and you'll see that I did indeed predict not only a Richard Dragon appearance, but a future tutelage for Renee. Not that it's really important, but "Go, me," anyway.

As for the real future, Jack Ryder can be seen monthly as he comes to terms with his alter ego in the "Creeper" relaunch being handled by Steve Niles. Great stuff, in my opinion.

Also keep an eye out for guest appearances from the original Deadman, Boston Brand, as well as Rama Kushna, both closely linked to Nanda Parbat. It's awesome that Renee and the Question are visiting so many cool as hell parts of the DCU.

Again, with Waverider being a master of time, and a friend of Rip Hunter (yes, I'm talking about him again), hopefully answers about the damage Skeets has done will soon be forthcoming.

Panel of the Week

It's becoming a theme for Renee, isn't it? But that's what Richard is there for…

And finally…

Since it is Week 26, and the official halfway point of our journey along The 52 Steps, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have been reading each and every week, and those of you that have taken the time to send me a quick line about what you've read, both here and in the book itself. Your support is greatly appreciated, and this wouldn't be nearly as much fun without each and every one of you. We've still got a long way to go, folks, and I hope you'll stick it out with us.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank former DC Editor Stephen Wacker, who not only got this book off the ground for all of us fans, but also took the time to support this column, as well. We wish him well at his new home up the road.

See you next week, gang!


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