The 52 Steps: Week Twenty-Nine

Week Twenty-Nine

Previously in 52...

The Red Tornado came back, sort of. Renee and Vic went on a Batwoman hunt and, with her help, confronted Intergang. The spce-lost trio met a new Green Lantern while traveling with Lobo.

This Week's Key Players


Guest appearances

The JSA, Infinity Inc, Obsidian, Dr. Mid-Nite, Beast Boy and the cast of many that is the Island of Misfit Doctors.


Less jump this week, though, ultimately, it just made for less than usual happening.

First off, we have what could be the final meeting of the JSA, as Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and Wildcat sit down to hash out what has happened to the JLA and what it means for superheroes in general. The results, my friends, are not good, punctuated by the fact that Infinity, Incorporated is busy flying about the Thanksgiving Day Parade just outside the JSA museum. Want to add a little bit of flame to an already hot fire? Let's debut the newest Infinity, Inc. member: Jade, who has essentially stolen the name of Alan's recently deceased daughter.

Insulting, isn't it? You bet, and though Alan Scott knows how wrong it is, he somehow keeps his cool. Not so for his son, Obsidian, who assaults the parade in an effort to demoralize this new Jade and her friends, who, oddly enough, think they're on the right side. A few "old timer" cracks are made, and Alan finally calms down Obsidian enough to get him home. Jay and Wildcat, meanwhile, close down the museum.

Cut to the Island of Dr. Morrow, where Thanksgiving dinner involves a chainsaw and some seriously disturbed mad scientists, as well as the giant egg-thing that is Chung Tzu deciding to crash the place. Making a brief escape from the main table were Will Magnus and Veronica Cale, during which time it seems that Veronica is going to put the moves on our good friend Will. In actuality, she sells him out and tells all the other scientists that, if they take him off his happy pills, he'll become just as deranged as the rest of them and finish building a new Plutonium Man.

Yeah, that's true love, right there.

Lastly, during a meeting of the minds at the Steelworks, we learn a startling truth about Lex Luthor's metagene therapy. There's a time limit on the whole process, as Steel discovers when his metal body starts to flake away.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • Yeah, Chung's giant egg-fu head makes me want to vomit all the time, too.
  • While I know it's not the end, it's hard to watch the JSA break up like this.
  • Note that, in conversation, there was reference to "Sandman," not "Sand." Looks like we're finally seeing an upgrade for Sandy the Golden Boy.
  • Gee, Luthor recruited a bunch of criminals for his team. What a shock. Either that, or most of them has simply gone mad with power.


The end of the JSA? Not hardly, especially not with the new "Justice Society of America" comic launching pretty soon. But how do we get from here to there? Wait and see.

One more thing: if the Luthor-given powers burn out over time, look for one hell of a massacre when Infinity, Inc. goes into battle in the near future, especially if all the teams powers give out at once, whether it's by choice of Luthor or not.

Panel of the Week

Always knew just how full of hot air he was.


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