The 52 Steps: Week Twenty-Eight

"One more @$%?!$#& twist! - Adam Strange

Week Twenty-Eight

Previously in 52...

Ralph learned the price of potential power, we learned the truth about what's happening to Vic Sage and Waverider had a really bad, er, second.

This Week's Key Players

Renee Montoya and The Question, Starfire, Adam Strange and Animal Man.

Guest Appearances

Lobo and Batwoman, and the Red Tornado and the Emerald Head of Erkon.


Alright, lots of jumping around this week.

First off, we got to see the return of a semi-powered Red Tornado, who, after being rebuilt by some random folks in the outback of Australia, helped those same folks fight off some land rustlers. Except Reddy wasn't exactly up to snuff, and he went down under the swings of a few well placed sledgehammers, shouting about "52" all the while.

Next, it was a return to Gotham for Renee and Vic, who were trying to find Batwoman before she ended up a literal translation from her page in the Book of Crime at the hands of Intergang. The result was her damn near ending up on that self same page, but the timely intervention of Vic and Renee got her out of a jam with Intergang's latest spokesperson.

Out in space, the trio travel with Lobo through the outermost reaches trying to dodge the madness of the Emerald Head of Erkon, hiding out and laying traps in giant skeletons to pin the shuttle-like head down. Interestingly enough, it turns out that Erkon is actually a Green Lantern that was forced to watch it's sector get annihilated, powerless thanks to Lobo's removal of it's big green weapon eye.

This week's back up story features Catman's origin, as told by Mark Waid and Dale Eaglesham.

Seriously, that's it. All of it.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • The news that Vic is reading doesn't bode well for anyone, does it?
  • "The Questions…" translates to more than one hero called the Question, or does it just fill in part of the sentence about looking for answers?
  • Nice to see Reddy back for just a minute, though being trapped in a uranium mine might make for something interesting in the coming weeks. Where's our element friendly Dr. Magnus when you need him? Oh yeah... that island…
  • Does Ridge - Ferrick sound familiar to anyone else?
  • The Stygian Passover? Is that anything like the Annihilation Wave?


Ooohh… "the Questions" seems awfully foreboding, doesn't it? It probably should, but I'm not putting all the cards out there yet. Vic has to have something up his sleeve before he gives up the ghost to cancer.

Panel of the Week

A welcome sight for Gotham, or just a sign of worse things to come?


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