The 52 Steps: Week Thirty-Three

"Merry Christmas." - Nightwing

Week Thirty-Three

Previously in 52...

The Titans recruited, Ralph went to Asia, and a plan was hatched to save the universe.

This Week's Key Players

Ralph Dibny, Vic Sage, Black Adam, Renee Montoya and the trio fo Animal Man, Adam Strange and Starfire are barely there.

Guest appearances

I'm not even going to call this one. Just think about your favorite hero from the DCU, and they probably show up at least in one panel.


T'were the days before Christmas

And all through Gotham,

Alfred led the caroling

And boy, was it awesome!

To Kate on a roof

Dick swung through the air.

He brought her a present,

Though little did she care.

Until he showed her what a wonder it was

A batarang, composite-graphite molded and strong

Aerodynamically tested, perfectly balanced

And hard to throw wrong.

There's also Keystone City,

Within the Flash Museum,

Where Ralph remembers fondly

When Barry came to see 'im.

The helm ushers him on,

And Ralph does obey

But what did he fetch,

And what role will it play?

Down to Metropolis,

Next do we go,

As Lex offers hotrods

To his youthful emplo-

-yees, yes indeed,

Though one doesn't make the cut.

Yet when that anomaly gets powers,

Lex makes sure to gut.

Returning to Gotham,

Renee watches sadly

As her comrade and teacher

Fairs fairly badly

Through anger and pain,

Vic waits for death,

Thinking of Myra

And when last she left.

As Vic falls asleep,

Kate returns home,

And with old flames restarting,

Buddy's wife says "Come home."

And so, Christmas comes to the DCU,

With glimpses near and far.

As heroes reunite,

And one watches a star.

And yet, what's this,

The last part of the week.

The Black Adam family comes

To New York to seek

A change in view,

A new opinion of each,

And with a call upon magic,

A change they did reach.

Before all the world,

Their changes amazed,

All except Waller

Who felt far from dazed.

Her plan she did hatch,

A Squad she did form.

To Kahndaq they'll head,

To the eye of the storm!

Back-up feature

The Origin of Martian Manhunter, as told by Mark Waid and Tom Mandrake.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • Pardon me for a second: SUICIDE SQUAD! YEAH! Ahem. Now, on with the show.
  • Does Dick realize that Kate is not playing for the team he likes? Does it matter?
  • Gee, Lex being a complete psycho. What a shock there.
  • However, in his favor, I'd love to be able to buy a street, even if it was just for an hour or two.
  • If you're keeping score, Vic was remembering Myra, his love from Denny O'Neil's run on "The Question." Vic also saw her daughter die in the follow-up "Question Quarterly" series, something that was glossed over during Vic's appearance in "Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood."
  • Just checking: Was it Pseudoderm that gave Vic the cancer? Or was it huffing the adhesive that made the mask stick to his face all these years?
  • Will we actually get an answer as to Commissioner Gordon's return? We were told previously it had something to do with Harvey Bullock and GCPD Corruption.
  • One more time: damn fine appearance by the Suicide Squad.

Looking Ahead

The Suicide Squad questions were mostly answered over in Checkmate, though a few riddles were left for the 52 crew to fill in. Mostly, though, you can figure out any answers you might need if you look closely.

Panel of the Week

I love it! That's DC's Christmas present to me! And you, I guess. But mostly me.


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