The 52 Steps: Week Thirty-Six

"S'gnihton working!" - Rip Hunter

Week Thirty-Six

Previously in 52...

Panic in the Sky Redux, as the metas made by Luthor "mysteriously" lost their powers.

This Week's Key Players

Adam Strange, Animal Man and Starfire, Renee Montoya and The Question

Guest appearances

Lobo and Fishy and Erkon, Kate Kane, Osiris and Sobek, Supernova, Skeets and, yes, Rip Hunter.


It's bounty collectin' time, gang, as the Main Man delivers Animal Man and Starfire into the clutches of Lady Styx and her hordes or vile vileness. Translated by Fishy, the Lady Styx remarks on the foolishness of the triple fish god and the thought that she would offer up a bounty for a few humans she doesn't really have any use for, or give any further respect to the idiot that brought them to her expecting anything more than death.

At least, that's what Fishy said she said, and he's the only translator around.

Of course, this is just enough to get Lobo off on a serious mad streak, and the Main man begins laying some serious waste. Lady Styx, highly unamused, cuts Lobo open and begins attempting to conscript the heroes to her army. Unwilling to submit, Animal Man calls for backup, and the blinded Adam Strange opens fire with his blasters and Erkon makes a run for the Lady Styx, scooping her up and dragging her screaming into the maw of a sun-eater. Unfortunately, it's not all celebrations, as Animal Man falls under a blast of necro-toxin and dies.

A universe away, the Baker family feels the loss of their father and husband, who died with his faith in them still on his lips.

In Gotham, Renee Montoya tries in vain to find a way to save her friend and mentor, The Question. Unfortunately, the medicinal flowers sent from Nanda Parbat continue to wither and die well before they arrive, being of little use to the struggling hero. In frustration, Renee packs up Vic and some morphine, making a plan to fly to the east and take Vic directly to Nanda Parbat in the hopes of even prolonging his life just a little longer. Kate Kane protests, not wanting to lose Renee a second time, but duty, it seems, calls.

In a brief interlude, Sobek and Osiris pine over the damage done to the reputation of the Black Marvel Family following his accidental butchery of Persuader just two weeks ago.

And finally, my friends, the master of time himself, Rip Hunter, arrives on the scene. In fact, he's been on the scene for quite some time, working to find a way to defeat Skeets and restore the rift in time caused by the little flying robot. Using items gathered by Supernova, including Luthor's Kryptonite gauntlet, the staffs of the Starmen and more, he's attempting to power up the chronosphere, for what purpose, we don't know, but it has to be in a hurry, before Skeets finds his hideout. Supernova assures him that they'll be fine. After all, who could find them in the best hiding spot of all, the bottle city of Kandor, locked away in Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

Skeets can, and has.

Back-up feature

The Origin of Power Girl from Mssrs. Mark Waid and Adam Hughes.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • Finally, Rip Hunter. Though he's been made a little bit of a bitch. I guess that's what happens when your element gets effed up.
  • Should have realized it was Kandor. Where better to hide?
  • Chronometer? Anyone?
  • Aww, Fishy, did you make all that stuff up? Not bad for thinking on the fly.
  • Dammit… RIP Buddy Baker.
  • And, um, non-RIP Vic Sage, at least for now.
  • Wait… wasn't Kory okay without Buddy's shirt the last month or two? Why's she back in Buddy-gear all of a sudden?
  • Back to Nanda Parbat already? Seems like we're jumping around awful quick.
  • Speaking of awful quick, didn't it seem a little anticlimactic to have beaten Lady Styx so quickly?
  • And with Lady Styx gone, who's going to run all the necro-dudes? Lobo? Starfire?

Looking Ahead

I'm fresh out this week, kids. It's kinda hard to imagine a world without Buddy Baker.

Panel of the Week

Nice lack of a fourth wall there, something Buddy was famous for, and something I didn't catch right away. Except, no, I'm sorry, I'm not cheering. In fact, I'm quite sad.


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