The 52 Steps: Week Thirty-Seven

"Fifty-two… fifty-one…" - Rip Hunter

Week Thirty-Seven

Previously in "52"...

Space slaughter led to the death of one of our comrades, while another comrade tried to prevent the death for her mentor.

This Week's Key Players

Adam Strange, Starfire and Booster Gold. Wait, wasn't he dead? And wasn't Animal Man dead, too?

Guest Appearances

Rip Hunter, Skeets, Supernova, Fishy, Lobo, Hal Jordan, Black Canary and Oliver Queen.


So you thought the end of last week was a kicker? Well gang, we pick up right where we left off, as Supernova and Rip Hunter work desperately to find a way to stop Skeets. Skeets, though, has found their hideout in the bottle city of Kandor, so now it's time to throw down. Doffing his costume, Supernova exits the city and jumps back to full size, courtesy of The Atom's power belt, surprising Skeets (and us all) by revealing that 'Nova is Booster Gold. And he has been since the very beginning.

To recap, Booster discovered Skeets' plans of evil, and Hunter pulled him out of the time stream to plan for the worst. To get Booster away from Skeets, the two fake Booster's death over Metropolis, while he actually jumps back in time to the beginning of our missing year. Yep, the whole time, Booster was actually fighting Booster. How cool is that?

As Booster stalls for time, Rip uses the last moments he may have left to assemble the weapon he'd been trying to develop all this time, the basis for all of Supernova's powers: A Phantom Zone Projector. The attempt, however, fails, as Skeets somehow eats the energy emitted from the zone projector, absorbing the Phantom Zone itself. But it's just enough time for Booster and Rip to escape into the time stream.

Meanwhile, in Star City, Ollie and his pretty bird have a talk about the life of a mayor and what it means for the green costume Ollie has made so famous while they wait for Hal Jordan to help repair the city's infrastructure. Love also seems to bloom, but we'll have to wait and see on that one.

And at the far reaches of space, Starfire and Adam Strange part ways with Lobo and Fishy following a brief memorial service for Animal Man. But just as they jet off towards home, Buddy awakens on the asteroid he'd been left on, only to be confronted by two very yellow alien beings.

Back-Up Feature

The Origin of Firestorm from Mark Waid and Jamal Igle, who is a really nice guy.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • I called it! Phantom Zone Projector! I rule! Okay, not really, but I still like being able to figure this comic out.
  • Rip and Booster have been there the whole time. Awesome.
  • I was starting to like Supernova as a character. I wonder if Booster will stick with it or go back to the old blue-and-gold and the end of the year.
  • Just how do you eat a Zone?
  • What does Rip's countdown from this week signify?
  • Adam talks about the hands from Infinite Crisis again. Or are there new giant hands we should be worried about?
  • Aliens? Yellow aliens? Anyone?

Looking Ahead

The only thing I'd like to say here this week is that the chat between Ollie and Dinah was an interesting one worth watching closely.

Panel of the Week

You've got to be pretty slick to surprise a robot that's seen the future.


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