The 52 Steps: Week Thirty-One

"Is there anyone there?" - Captain Comet

Week Thirty-One

Previously in 52...

Bruce Wayne took his wards to the desert to find peace, only to actually find a coming war in Gotham with Intergang, a war Nightwing wasn't about to sit out, nor was another new and decidedly female member of the Bat-family.

This Week's Key Players

Ralph Dibny. The space-lost trio of Animal Man, Starfire and Adam Strange makes a brief appearance.

Guest Appearances

Captain Comet, Wonder Girl, some Green Lanterns, the Guardians, a few Infinity Inc. kids, Supernova, Ekron, a space dolphin, the Helm of Nabu and Lobo.


In deep space, they say no one can hear you scream. Unfortunately, the atmosphere of the planet Vardu is perfect for screaming, and, frankly, that's about all that gets done, as the hoards of Lady Styx swoop in on the planet and either kill or convert its inhabitants. Oh, and did I happen to mention that this demon-like hoard of interstellar possession is what the space-lost trio and Lobo have to get through to get back home?

Yeah, not a good week for them. Not really a good week for Lanterns Xax and Thormon Tox either, who get disavowed by the Guardians after getting trapped by the hoards of Lady Styx. With no powers to speak of, the green heroes get cut down quickly and their rings get eaten by Lady Styx herself.

Yes - eaten.

But, still, it's not that bad a week for them. At least they die quickly. It's Captain Comet who has the suck week, as he goes through what looks to be epic levels of torture that might even put Jack Bauer to the test, all before giving up the ghost, albeit temporarily (see below).

Back on planet Earth, there's some real creepiness going on in the Infinity, Inc. base, as Everyman plays super stalker and targets some of the girls on the team by shapechanging into either their stuff or people they like. Let's all get together now and say "Ewww."

Ralph Dibny, meanwhile, tracks down Wonder Girl to get more information on Devem and the Cult of Conner, which, while mostly a hoax and led by a con man, still holds true to its basic beliefs. The truth, it seems, came out when Wonder Girl got a package from Marseilles. For Wonder Girl, though, the truth of the matter is simple: she doesn't need the cult anymore, because she's already seen Connor's resurrected form in the guise of Supernova.

Dibny tracks down Supernova, of course, and being the super detective he is, determines his true identity. While he doesn't come out and tell us who it is, what we do know is that it's not Connor. Unfortunately, 'Nova doesn't have time to deal with Wonder Girl, because there's just too much else at stake. At least, according to him.

Back-up feature

"The Origin of Robin," as told by Mark Waid and Freddie E. Williams II.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • So Vardu is like a purple-skinned Victorian England? Weird.
  • Lady Styx's recruitment process is just nasty. Also kind of reminds me of "Chronicles of Riddick," too, with the armies of destruction and giant terraforming machines and whatnot.
  • Lady Styx herself has some effed up fashion sense, what with the Green Lantern earring and all. And you thought Lobo could be repulsive.
  • Speaking of repulsive: Everyman EATS things to get his powers to kick on? Nasty. And no jokes about him eating Natasha. This is a family show.
  • Marseilles, huh? Let's see, who else was in Marseilles…
  • Any guesses as to who Supernova is? I have a few. My decision hinges on what "device" Ralph was talking about… I know I can see it from his angle, I just need a little more time.
  • Finally, this has to go down as one of the bloodiest weeks this missing year, even if most of the blood was purple.

Looking Ahead

Well, if you haven't seen "Mystery in Space," #4 of which having just hit the shelves, then you wouldn't know that Captain Comet is alive and well. In fact, he's very, very well, in a much younger body. Go check it out for yourself and weep not for the good captain.

Panel of the Week

Captain Comet as a hood ornament. I've just got nothing to say to that.


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