The 52 Steps: Week Nineteen

"I can't describe this using English." - Animal Man

Week Nineteen

Previously in 52...

Fate came into the life of Ralph Dibny, a team-up of epic proportions turned eyes towards Intergang and Skeets delved into Booster's family history.

This Week's Key Players

Animal Man, Adam Strange and Starfire.

Guest appearances

Lobo, Skeets, Supernova, Wonder Girl and Booster's ancestor, Daniel Carter. And the Weather Wizard dropped by for a butt-kicking, too.


History repeats, as Skeets tracks down Daniel Carter and tempts him into donning Booster's mask and returning to Rip Hunter's chrono-lab. Carter, a three-time loser filled with hero worship, much like his ancestor, is quick to jump on board, hoping to relive the glories of his youth. Considering he was already planning on signing up for Lex Luthor's metagene program, it seems like a great opportunity. The problem? Skeets suckered the poor kid into going to Hunter's lab for information on what Booster saw so many weeks ago, then left him to be sucked into a time vortex triggered by the invasion of the lab.

With that depressing thought, we look to Metropolis, where Supernova goes to the aid of some bankers under attack by the Weather Wizard. After saving some folks, Supernova gets a hand from a young lady with a magical lasso. Wonder Girl, in turn, approaches Supernova, thinking he's Conner Kent, her lost Superboy, only to be rebuffed.

Lastly, the space-lost trio get some insight into what the hell is going on with Lobo, who is now an archbishop of The First Celestial Church of the Triple Fish-God.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Apparently Archbishop Lobo has been aiding refugees from Sector 3500 following a moment of illuminations which led to his redemption, as well as his turning his back on alcohol, violence, swearing and the pleasures of the flesh.

Yes, you read that correctly also.

Anyway, Lobo is willing to help the refugees, as well as our space-lost friends, get out of the asteroid field nastiness they're stuck in, but it means going right back through all the destruction they just escaped from. In all this madness, we also learned that Devilance was pretty much slumming when hunting the three, somehow lost or cut off from the rest of the New Gods.

Animal Man history (already presented to you here) is updated by Mark Waid and Brian Bolland.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • Pat Olliffe in the hiz-ouse! This guy is a great artist and a really friendly guy, too. Hopefully we'll see more from him in the near future.
  • If there's something out there that just bitch-slapped the New Gods, I'm certainly frightened.
  • I know that big green eye from somewhere…
  • So, was that scene with Wonder Girl a little odd for anyone else? Suddenly we go from cult worship to thinking every new hero on the block is Conner? Ugh, somebody get this chick some counseling.
  • Lookit! Actual Space Dolphins!
  • Skeets is just a big flying dick, isn't he?


Color me stunned about the way Skeets handled Dan Carter, man. Wow. Totally didn't see that one coming. And yet we still have no answers about how time is broken. Dammit, I want Rip Hunter on the job, and I want him now.

Panel of the Week

If only he knew what a hassle he'd have saved himself by pulling the trigger.


Thanks to everyone who helped name Booster Gold's pallbearers from last issue. As near as we can figure out, we had Beefeater, Yellow Peri, Blimp Man / Human Blimp, Odd Man, Honest Abe and Mind Grabber Lad. Sheesh.

Don't Forget…

We're still accepting entries for the Week 17 Contest, which requires you to email me your name, where you live and the dialogue for all of the panel's that occurred in deep space last issue, where Starfire and Lobo say… stuff. What that stuff is, well, that's up to you to decide. Send your entries in, folks, and earn yourself some free swag!


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