The 52 Steps: Week Four

"Elf needs food badly." - The Question

Week Four

Previously in 52...

Booster Gold decided to get Skeets a new checkup, Steel was used unwittingly by Lex Luthor to clear his name and blame everything from his presidency on up on a doppelganger, and Black Adam threw down the gauntlet.

The Key Players

Booster Gold, The Question, Renee Montoya, Steel, Ralph Dibny

Guest appearances

Halo, Fire, Wonder Girl, Geo-Force, Hawkgirl, Alan Scott, Vox and Bumblebee


As we close our first month of the year without Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, Renee Montoya is on stakeout duty at 520 Kane Street, with The Question checking in here and there. The stakeout continues until Renee (sort of) sees someone enter the run down building. In hot pursuit, she and The Question enter the building and get their butts kicked by a large reptilian beastie. As Gotham's latest Dynamic Duo gets whooped, Renee discovers a cache of freaky-looking weapons the monster was looking for, and blasts him with a ray gun from the stockpile.

Booster is informed by Fire that many of the heroes missing in space may be able to be rescued, at least according to Halo. Fire tries to recruit Booster for the rescue team, but he blows her off. As she chastises him for turning back into a jerk after Blue Beetle's death, he simply tells her off, and she leaves in a blazing bit of a huff.

John Henry Irons is seemingly attacked by his own machinery inside the Steelworks after he has a long conversation with his alter ego, Steel, during which he realizes someone has poisoned him.

Ralph Dibny confronts Wonder Girl, who has convinced him to meet with a Kryptonian cult of worship. When he demands to know why they've vandalized his wife's grave, they deny even having been there, but encourage Ralph to visit the waters of their shrine, where Wonder Girl swears she's seen a vision of someone she thought she lost. Ralph agrees, but warns the cult he cannot pay the price of admission (the thing that means the most to him) since Sue was the last thing that ever mattered to him. Regardless, the cult immerses him in the water, and he nearly drowns, only to awake and find his wedding ring stolen by the cult members.

As the week ends, Halo, Geo-Force and others work to free the heroes lost in space. Halo has theorized that the heroes may have hidden themselves inside a Zeta Beam, the device used by Adam Strange to travel between worlds. With Halo controlling the charge of the beam, the remaining heroes of Earth wait to see if their comrades have survived. As the Zeta Beam touches down, battle-ravaged heroes Vox, Bumblebee, Alan Scott (now missing an eye) arrive on a planet with a 50-foot Hawkgirl and a melted mass that could possibly be two other heroes.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • If anyone can name the two heroes that are fused together, good luck. My best guess is that it might be pieces of Cyborg and the Red Tornado, but that's just a guess.
  • And now those of us who have been reading Checkmate know what happened to Alan's eye, sort of.
  • It was the week of notebooks. Check out Renee's stakeout doodles and the list of people Booster was trying to get a hold of. Awesome.
  • Steel getting swallowed by liquid metal? Real or hallucination? If real, damn that's going to be some sweet armor for him.
  • That gun Renee found, and the guy kicking her butt? Apokolips all the way, guaranteed.
  • This week's quote, for those of you not in the know, is from "Gauntlet," the classic game of dungeon craft and such.

And I can't believe I forgot to mention this last week, but…

Did you notice Lex Luthor looked to be packing a Kryptonite ring again? There was some serious attention paid to that ring in all the panels Lex was in. Too much, if you ask me.


The gun and other weapons Renee found? Blame Intergang. Who else cuts deals with Darkseid and his cronies? Look for the baddies to make a grab for Gotham since Batman isn't around to stop them, but with all the real-life news reports flitting about town this week, perhaps another bat will be waiting for them to make a move. This should also tie the story into Black Adam and Kahndaq quite nicely, since Intergang tried to make a move there, too.

The Daily Planet

A new article about Lex Luthor's proclaimed innocence and "wild animal" reports from Gotham are up. A "Senor Gyro" recipe card is available, and a new poll asking whether or not a search for the missing heroes is a waste of money is available, as well. And I apologize for not mentioning it earlier, but the "About" section of the site offers a combination of real-life writers and artists mixed with the best the DCU has to offer, all headed up by CEO Bruce Wayne. All that and more at www.52thecomic.com/.

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